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March 2011 Chevy High Performance Parts - CHP Parts

Jan 21, 2011
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Push-Buttom Power
2010 Camaro Nitrous System

Specifically designed for the LS3 ’10 Camaros, Zex has created a nitrous system to instantly deliver 75-175 extra horsepower. This innovative nitrous system installs as a plug-and-play unit and its Active Fuel Control adjusts fuel delivery with changes in nitrous bottle pressure. For the throttle-by-wire system, Zex offers an electronic TPS switch for reliable system activation at wide-open throttle.

chp_01_o Zex 2/9

Price: $639

Slick Shifting
Full Synthetic Transmission Fluid

Add transmission life with Max Shift full synthetic fluid. It helps reduce harmful friction on metal parts and delivers faster, more consistent shifts to high-performance, heavy-duty, and late-model transmissions. The new formula was developed with ultra-pure base oils that resist viscosity breakdown, and extends change intervals. It also includes exclusive friction eliminating, anti-foaming, and extreme heat additives. Simply drain the existing fluid and add Max Shiftthat’s it!

chp_02_o Max_shift 3/9

Price: $8
TCI Automotive

Plugged In
Electric Firewall Plug

Watson’s new Billet Electric firewall plug allows a clean, compact, convenient alternative to firewall ports. The new plug allows connection of the vehicle’s front end wiring during modifications or for troubleshooting and repairs.The plug screws together for a secure connection and handles eight circuits, each with 16-gauge wire with a 10-amp rating per circuit.Gaskets are included as well.

chp_03_o Watsons 4/9

Price: $89
Watson’s StreetWorks

Lift-Off Lid
5-inch Cowl Nova Hood

Getting a big-inch mill to fit under Harwood Industries’ latest 5-inch cowl hood is no problem. Designed for ’68-74 Novas, it features a lift-off design (use with Harwood Dzus fastener kit) with a scoop that sweeps back to the windshield. The hood also includes a new cowl panel, which does away with the factory unit and wipers.

chp_04_o Harwood_industries 5/9

Price: $389
Harwood Industries

Assured Power
New 350 Crate Engine

GM Performance 350ci, 290hp engine assemblies are new from the ground up and start with a four-bolt main block, aluminum pistons, a hydraulic camshaft, and topped with a pair of cast-iron cylinder heads. None of the components are reconditioned or remachined. These little gems are good for 326 lb-ft of torque at just 3,750 rpm, making them the perfect engine swap for any project vehicle.

chp_05_o Gm_performance_parts 6/9

Price: $2,3984 & Up
GM Performance Parts

Professional Grade
Cathedral port aluminum LS heads

RHS’s new Pro Action cathedral port cylinder heads for LS applications are available in three versions: as-cast P-Port with no valve job; as-cast 62cc combustion chamber with 2.02-/1.60-inch intake/exhaust valves, 205cc runners; and as-cast 62cc combustion chamber with 2.050-/1.600-inch intake/exhaust valves, 225cc runners. Stock valve angles and centers, drilled and tapped accessory holes, and stock port locations make these heads compatible with stock applications.

chp_06_o Rhs 7/9

Price: $1,200 & Up

Coil Checker
Digital Spring Tester

Constructed out of steel and billet 6061-T6 aluminum, this portable spring tester will read up to 2,000 pounds in 0.2-pound increments. It also features a 31/2-inch-diameter spring pad for larger spring diameters, is backlit for low-light situations, and powered by a 9V battery.

chp_07_o Powerhouse_products 8/9

Price: $1,200
Powerhouse Products

Late-Model Handling
Adjustable 2010 Camaro sway bars

Improve the handling and increase the roll resistance in your ’10 Camaro.The hollow front sway bar features three adjustment locations that range from 98 to 214 percent stiffer than the OE bar.The hollow rear sway bar features three adjustment locations that range from 99 to 301 percent stiffer than the OE bar.Both sway bars are cold formed from lightweight tubular DOM steel with integrated thrust washers to prevent horizontal movement. The bars take about two hours for install and are available in red or black hammertone powdercoat finishes.

chp_08_o Bmr_fabrication 9/9

Price: $129
BMR Fabrication



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