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Once a year, automotive enthusiasts and media outlets from all over the world congregate in Las Vegas for the annual Specialty Equipment Market Association (SEMA) show. Some come for the shimmering lights and the chance to meet their favorite personalities, while others, like us, are there to check out the latest products for our street and strip machines.

If there was any question, we’re happy to say that this year’s attendance was larger than ever and the sheer number of activities during the day and evening made it nearly impossible to catch a good night’s wink. Then again, this event only comes once a year, and we were perfectly fine reaching for the extra cup of caffeine during the day.

When it came to new products, many manufacturers were displaying in full force and we had no intentions of missing any of them. After walking the aisles for several days, we’ve compiled the following list of products that stole our attention. We’re talking about a wide range of items that’ll do justice to any number of rides. Also, if you were fortunate enough to check out the event for yourself, what was your favorite item at the show? Email us at chevyhi@sorc.com and be sure to let us know. CHP

Multiport Retro-Fit EZ-EFI

Who Makes It

What Is It
Self-tuning fuel injection system that replaces existing multiport fuel-injected systems, including Tune Port Injection applications.

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Tire Pressure Monitoring System

Who Makes It
Auto Meter Products

What Is It
Real-time tire pressure and temperature monitoring system that includes an in-car display. Can you say perfect for the street and on the track?!

Where To Get It

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TXR Modular Composite Intake Manifold

Who Makes It
Air Flow Research

What Is It
Lightweight two-piece composite manifold that’s interchangeable between a single- to dual-plane, also enables changes between a 4150- to 4500-style carburetor, and comes with integrated rubber gaskets.

Where To Get It

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Power Grid Ignition System

Who Makes It
MSD Ignition

What Is It
This is the next generation of programmable 7-series ignition systems. The Power Grid puts out a bigger punch, incorporating CAN-bus technology for reduced wiring and for easy connections to Racepak systems. The Power Grid controller is compatible with any of the MSD ignitions, offering all-new software for advanced programming capabilities and has the ability to store ignition data acquisition files onto a micro SD card.

Where To Get It

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Gen X 255

Who Makes It
Trick Flow Specialties

What Is It
Performance cylinder heads for LS3 and L92 applications. These feature 2.100-inch intake valves, 69cc CNC profiled combustion chambers, and have big flow numbers at 357 cfm on the intake port and 252 cfm on the exhaust port at 0.600-inch lift.

Where To Get It

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Aluminum HP Series Racing Carburetor

Who Makes It

What Is It
Lightweight aluminum carburetors with a fresh look, redesigned main body, larger-capacity fuel bowls, and comes with all billet components.

Where To Get It

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Four-Way Adjustable Coilovers With Remote Reservoir

Who Makes It

What Is It
These four-way adjustable remote-reservoir shocks feature 16 specific adjustments for each knob, and are designed primarily for dual-purpose street/track cars common in the Pro Touring enthusiast crowd. Compression and rebound stiffness of the shock are independently adjustable for both high-speed and low-speed piston movement. The high-speed valve set is active during rapid shock movement and controls how the vehicle reacts to bumps, rumble-strips, or curbs on a road race course. Slower shock movements, such as body roll and brake dive, which directly affect vehicle handling, are controlled by the low-speed valve set.

Where To Get It

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Chevy II Front Frame

Who Makes It
Detroit Speed Inc.

What Is It DSE has expanded their product lineup for ’62-67 Novas, offering a complete bolt-in front frame with tubular control arms, coilovers, power rack-and-pinion steering, a splined sway bar, with C6 Corvette uprights.

Where To Get It

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Keyless Entry

Who Makes It
Flaming River

What Is It
Trick push-button ignition system with a modern-day key fob docking station. Each system includes power door lock actuators for a keyless entry.

Where To Get It

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’67-68 CAMARO VHX Instruments

Who Makes It
Dakota Digital

What Is It
These are perfect fit instruments that attach to the factory housing. Each assembly comes with lit needles, backlit faces, and an LCD message center that displays a multitude of information, including speed, tachometer, water temperature, oil pressure, volts, and fuel level.

Where To Get It

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Big Brake Kit With Carbon-Fiber Rotors

Who Makes It
Wilwood Brakes

What Is It
Expect to pay a premium, but we couldn’t help but drool over these 15-inch diameter carbon-ceramic rotors, which will be available for a bevy of new kits. The carbon ceramic material is half the weight of cast iron, will last practically forever, functions well at low temperatures, and is compatible with several different pad compounds. The first kit will be for C5 and C6 Corvettes and anywhere their spindles are used. Initial plans are to offer this rotor in more applications pending customer response.

Where To Get It

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