Aeromotive Stealth Fuel Pump System - Supertanker

Prepping A Factory Tank With Aeromotive's Stealth Fuel Pump System

Sean Haggai Dec 2, 2010 0 Comment(s)
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Sustaining sufficient fuel flow and volume is a necessity when sourcing an adequate fuel system for your street sled or all-out drag car. A lean environment for combustion can build power to a certain extent but cross that threshold with too little fuel and you can quickly melt pistons, destroy cylinders, and create a whole world of related issues.

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In our case, we ran into a similar dilemma when looking for a way to fuel our big-block in Project Brutus. For instance, we could go with a more modest approach by adding a factory-style fuel system with 3/8-inch hard lines with a stock pickup and mechanical pump. But, the small lines and factory pickup were never meant for "high" performance and there's no guarantee that the factory-style system wouldn't starve our engine for fuel. And given the robust combination, we opted for a more viable alternative.

To fix our needs, we decided to install Aeromotive's Stealth Fuel Sump kit. It came with just about everything we needed to upgrade our stock tank to a high-performance system. And get this, it's rated for up to 1,000 hp. Our complete kit came with a prefabricated fuel sump, an A1000 pump, a 100 micron filter, and included the hardware with detailed instructions.

Obviously installing a system like this requires a bit more than backyard knowledge, and having the right tools is a given. To help us with our install, we headed over to the metal guru's at Fab-tech Custom Fabrication & Welding in Chatsworth, California, where Jaime Voorhees transformed our factory tank into a fully sumped supertanker.

Quick Notes
What We Did
Install the perfect fuel system for our Elco

Bottom Line
It's straightforward, clean, and functional

Cost (Approx)

What's in the box?
So, what makes this kit so great? First, it'll virtually fit most fuel tanks. Plus, it features your choice of Aeromotive's A1000 or Eliminator fuel pump and includes a 100-micron stainless pre-pump filter inside the sump box. Secondly, the innovative baffled designs provides optimal performance by keeping the fuel pump pickup covered at all times, even during extreme driving conditions. Also, the filter element can be serviced externally without draining or dropping the tank thanks to the proprietary cam lock filter cap that shuts off fuel flow when rotated.

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