2010 Chevy High Performance Holiday Buyer's Guide

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What is Fükken Wax? Fükken Wax is a high-performance Euro-style cleaning wax in an aerosol can. It will not only clean and wax your vehicle, but also remove grease, tar, bugs, mildew, road grime, light scratches, and tree sap-fast. Fükken Wax removes oxidation, restores faded paint, and works wonders on headlights. Fükken Wax cleans everything from your wheels to your dash. Email info@fukkenwax.com for more information.

Fükken Wax

Nickey Chicago is "The Original Supercar Headquarters." Reserve a position for a '11 fifth-generation Super Camaro today. Three stages are offered. From mild to wild, starting at 500 hp up to and over 1,000 hp, superchargers and twin-turbo packages are also available. Nickey is a leader and innovator regarding fifth-generation Super Camaros, from complete turnkey to all the special parts needed to build your very own. Why settle for an imitation when you can have an original?

Nickey Chicago

CPP's new five-way adjusting tilt columns are designed for those who want great performance at affordable pricing. Columns are made from stainless steel tube in plain and chrome finishes, accept any '67-94 GM steering wheel or aftermarket adapter, and are available for automatic column shift and all floor shift applications in 30-, 32-, and 33-inch lengths. It's available for a wide range of applications for early Ford and Chevy cars and trucks.

Classic Performance Products

Protect your LS engine from oil starvation with Improved Racing's track-proven, trapdoor oil pan baffles. These baffles help protect your engine from catastrophic failure due to oil starvation, a problem that plagues the GM LS-series small-block. Economical and easy to install, these 100 percent bolt-in baffles are currently available for the F-body, '10 Camaro, and Pontiac GTO, and are perfect for drag racing, road racing, drifting, autocross, off-roading, or even rock crawling. Prices start at just $199.

Improved Racing Products

Procomp Motorsport found yet another way to make racing affordable; it now offers a new line of fuel pressure regulators for serious race applications. Made from CNC-machine billet aluminum and anodized in midnight black, it features a return outlet designed to assist in eliminating fuel pressure drops, a built-in fuel pressure gauge port, and includes black anodized AN fittings as well. Available in two- and four-port design PC2855 (two-port) and PC2856 (four-port), starting at about $60 retail.

Procomp Motorsport

Modular Composite Intakes Patented SBC Manifold features 15-plus horsepower and torque over the leading competitor. Its composite plastic manifold runs 30 degrees cooler than aluminum intakes and has 9 to 11 pounds weight savings (depending on model). It has cast-in nitrous bosses; has a modular design; dual distributor hold-downs; reduces carburetor vibration; and rubber sealing gaskets, which means no leaks.

Air Flow Research

After the grime is gone, don't short-change your vehicle on luster. Completing the job is quick and easy with Golden Shine's Dry & Shine Kit. The combination of California Jelly Blade, Quick Shine Instant Detailer, and Microfiber Waffle Weave towel halts water spots in their path, and a once-over with Quick Shine will ensure a just-waxed look for the ideal finishing touch. Kit includes a 16-ounce bottle of Quick Shine, one California Jelly Blade and one 27x36-inch Microfiber Waffle Weave Towel-priced at $47.99. See the complete line of Golden Shine Car Care products online.

California Car Cover Company

Are you looking to increase horsepower and performance on your LS1 engine? Look no further than Harland Sharp to increase your LS1 with 10-15 rear-wheel horsepower. As the pioneer of factory direct replacement aluminum roller rocker arms, Harland Sharp's product guarantees increased lift, stability, and rpm's to your high-performance LS1 engine. There really is no better way to increase your engine's performance than with Harland Sharp's LS1 Rocker Systems.

Harland Sharp - Custom Speed Parts Mfg.

Seibon Carbon releases carbon-fiber and fiberglass exterior upgrades to trim excess weight and expose more "American muscle." Utilizing deluxe French or U.S.-made carbon fiber, and rigorously inspected during a multiple-step quality control process, the carbon-fiber and fiberglass upgrades are light, fast, and the ultimate choice in aerodynamic performance for professionals and elite amateurs alike.

Seibon Carbon




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