2010 Chevy High Performance Holiday Buyer's Guide

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Now you can have the vintage styling of muscle era seatbelts without the high price. Plain chrome lift latch style, Bow Tie logo lift latch style, or GM push-button style are available. Hardware is included. The seatbelts are a perfect gift that will look right at home in any muscle car.

Ground Up, Inc.

Give your muscle car the gift of a sleek new bracket system. For over 25 years Alan Grove Components has manufactured steel mounting brackets for A/C compressors, alternators, and power steering pumps to provide a cleaner look with improved drivebelt performance for many Chevy applications. Brackets are furnished with all necessary hardware and illustrated instructions for easy installation.

Alan Grove

Kenne Bell now has 2.8L, 3.6L, and 4.2L Liquid Cooled Billet Twin Screw Superchargers for the 2010 Camaro. These kits are big, bad, powerful, and offer the highest horsepower potential for the 6.2L '10 Camaro. Superchargers can be liquid cooled (patent pending) for higher-horsepower applications. A 1,400hp rated ram-air intake system, Mammoth rear inlet manifolds, and intercooler come standard for 650-1,400hp kits. Install up to a 168mm throttle body. It all fits under the stock hood. Traditional front-drive pulley setup (no rear jackshaft, etc.).

Kenne Bell

Your GPS or SmartPhone is no longer just for navigation; it can also save you from costly traffic tickets. Simply download over 400,000 enforcement and safety locations, and you will receive audible and visual alerts, giving you ample time to slow down and be aware of your surroundings. Speed traps, red light cameras, and speed cameras-you will see them before they see you. While others get nabbed you get an advanced warning of all known enforcement zones.

Phantom Alert

Dirty Dingo Motorsports is a leading manufacturer for GM LSx conversion engine mounts for Chevrolet and GMC trucks from the '60s through the '90s, and muscle cars from the '50s through the '80s. Their newest mounts, the Dingo Sliders, are sliding-adjustable conversion mounts that use any three-bolt factory style SBC engine mounts. Dingo Sliders give up to 3 inches of adjustment, and positions the LS engine 1/4-inch higher than other adapter plates.

Dirty Dingo Motorsports

GM Classics is a place for all of your muscle car parts needs. Get these high-quality hood hinges for your classic, accurately stamped from high-strength steel. Available in standard steel and now in beautiful chrome. Fits '66-67 Nova, '67-69 Camaros, '67-69 Firebirds, '65-67 Chevelles, and '65-67 fullsize Chevys. It's a great gift idea, and made from original gauge metal, high-strength steel, OER quality, and polished then chrome-plated.

Chevy Ii Only (Gm Classics)

A low-profile look, and with just a push of the button, the hood is unlatched. The patent-pending design features one finger activation. The button stays in the down position until relatched and then the button pops back up. No more pins to keep up with. It's available in a variety of styles.

C&S Performance

Exhaust Wrap Kits have everything needed for a complete, professional installation all-in-one package. Kits include Exhaust Insulating Wrap, Hi-Heating protective coating, and stainless steel snap straps, and are available in original and black. There are two sizes-one for the motorcycle and four-cylinders and a kit for six- to eight-cylinder engines. Benefits include reduced underhood temperatures, improved horsepower and torque, and added protection for sensitive parts.

Thermo-Tec, Inc.

Anvil Auto's aluminum fender braces are the lightest way to keep the sheetmetal rigid and in alignment. The fender braces are offered in two styles: carbon fiber and swedged aluminum. Triangulation is perfectly maintained and the rod ends are right- and left-hand threaded to allow adjustment to fit a wider tolerance range for use with aftermarket sheetmetal. Pricing starts at $98 per set and goes up to $125.

Anvil Auto, Inc.

Introducing Nitrous Outlet's vehicle specific nitrous systems for the '10 Camaro. You no longer have to worry about fabricating brackets, buying more fittings, longer hoses, or any of the other nightmares that come with a universal nitrous system. These systems are designed for your car and bolt in for a trouble-free installation.

Nitrous Outlet




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