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Hard-Core Oil System Tech From The Top Industry Insiders

Stephen Kim Oct 11, 2010 0 Comment(s)
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"Billet housings can be carved out of many different materials. We use domestic-sourced aircraft grade 7055-T7. It has nearly 90,000 psi of tensile strength. We also hard anodize all our pumps in black to maximize heat transfer. Our machines can hold as close as 0.010-inch of tolerance. Titan professional pumps have axial needle bearings at both ends of the pump segment, and a needle bearing on the driver as well. We also use a premium quality seal on the main shaft. Professional pumps incorporate a discharge chamber for added protection.

"A great benefit of our pumps is that they're fully rebuildable. After disassembling them, we check the endplay and the bearing spacing. Next, we look at the relief circuit for wear and spring integrity. We always install new springs, then flow and pressure test all our pumps. The only time a pump is badly damaged is when hard steel parts, like the roller pins out of broken roller lifters, clog them up. Putting a magnet or two in the pan is an easy way to help save the pump."


Titan Speed Engineering
Ojai, CA


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