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Hard-Core Oil System Tech From The Top Industry Insiders

Stephen Kim Oct 11, 2010 0 Comment(s)
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Thor Schroeder: "Moroso oil accumulators are hydraulic cylinders with billet aluminum end caps that store oil under pressure, providing an instantaneous supply of oil and releasing it to the oil system when the pressure drops below a safe level. An accumulator can be tapped to the pressure side of the engine's oiling system, or tee'd into the return line of an oil cooler. We offer sandwich adapters that mount between the block and oil filter to make this easy. When the engine is running, oil pressure forces reserve oil into the accumulator and compresses the air ahead. If the engine's oil pressure should suddenly drop because of hard acceleration, severe cornering, or hard braking the air pressure immediately sends oil to the main galleys. When the danger is over and the oil pump is once again primed with oil, the pressure forces oil back into the accumulator where it is ready for the next emergency. Moroso offers different sizes of accumulators and valving options to meet the racer's needs. For an accumulator to function properly it needs a valve assembly. The valve has to be manually opened by hand before starting the car to pre-lube the engine and manually closed before turning the engine off. As an option, Moroso offers solenoid pressure valve kits in different oil pressure ranges.

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"While many people associate accumulators with road race applications, Moroso sells more of them to drag racers than any other market. For drag racing, an accumulator is beneficial for pre-lubing the engine before start-up. Independent tests have shown that on street cars, over 85 percent of engine wear is caused by starting an engine. During hard acceleration, an accumulator would be beneficial in guarding against oil pressure fluctuations and during shut down, braking, and sudden deceleration. Drag racers have also used accumulators to free up horsepower by running less oil in the oil pan or using accumulators in classes that have oil pan limitations."

Mike Zeranski Jr.: "Canton's Accusump oil accumulator system provides engine pre-oiling and protection against oil pressure surges by accumulating oil from the engine then discharging it back when needed, and doesn't requires a separate pump to fill it with oil. Instead, the Accusump system uses your engine's own oil pressure to fill and naturally discharges back when that oil pressure drops. Engine pre-oiling is easily achieved by closing the Accusump valve just before engine shuts down and opening it back up to release oil just before the next start-up. Available in four sizes and with six different valve options, the Accusump system can be tailored to meet your exact needs. Built to withstand years of hard racing, its main body is built from an aluminum hydraulic cylinder that features a double-sealed billet aluminum piston to separate the air and oil inside the Accusump. In addition, it features thread-on billet aluminum end caps for added strength, a Schrader valve for adjusting the air pre-charge, a 160-psi air gauge, and a safety release valve to protect against extreme unit pressure.

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