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November 2011 Chevy High Performance Parts - CHP Parts

Sep 14, 2010
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Big Breathers
CNC Big-Block Cylinder Heads
Striving to provide race level performance in a streetable design, Edelbrock now offers the RPM Xtreme cylinder heads for 427-572ci big-block applications. These feature CNC machined runners and combustion chambers whose flow is nearly on par with the Victor series professional race heads. The deck has been rolled 1.5 degrees to improve the intake and valve angle, including port velocity. The well thought out design also ensures that the 2.25/1.88-inch intake/exhaust valves still clear the factory valve reliefs. You get your choice of 300cc (oval) with 110cc chambers or 325cc (rectangular) versions with 118cc chamber volumes. All cylinder heads are hand assembled at Edelbrock's headquarters and carry a 1-year warranty. In addition, the RPM XT heads accept most stock port location exhaust headers. Installation is the same as a factory set of heads, making this an easy bolt-on upgrade.

chp_02_o November_2011_chevy_high_performance_parts Cylinder_heads 2/6

Price: $2,900 (Pair)

Handle The Twist
Torque Converter
B&M is proud to introduce the ultimate companion to their 4L80E, the Holeshot and Traveler series torque converters. Built with the same quality and pride as B&M's 4L80E transmission, they now offer the full package for those wanting to run high-powered engines while still retaining ample fuel mileage. As an added feature, all B&M 4L80E torque converters are furnace brazed for strength. Their higher-level 3,500-stall unit also comes with an anti-ballooning plate, making it suitable for higher-horsepower racing applications.

chp_03_o November_2011_chevy_high_performance_parts Torque_converters 3/6

Price: $440 & UP
B&M Racing

Fuel Injector Cleaner
Prolong now offers a Fast Fuel Injector Cleaner that's designed to return engines to peak performance by removing carbon deposits from injector tips and maximizing the fuel spray pattern. This advanced cleaning formula will restore the fuel spray pattern so users can enjoy quick, efficient starts with improved fuel economy, and is compatible with all grades of fuel. Simply pour the contents into a nearly empty gas tank before filling up; it'll treat up to 20 gallons.

chp_04_o November_2011_chevy_high_performance_parts Fuel_injectors 4/6

Price: $8

Custom 'Sticks
Ls Cam Cores
Comp Cams is introducing three new series of custom cam cores for the LS powerplants, including the GM LS Active Fuel Management (AFM), Wide Lobe Separation, and 60mm bearing journal cores. The AFM cores are designed as replacement cams that maximize the performance of street LS engines that are 100 percent compatible with Active Fuel Management (AFM) or Variable Valve Timing (VVT). The Wide Lobe Separation LS cores target boosted and emissions sensitive applications and can handle a lobe separation angles ranging from 118 to 124 degrees. Lastly, the 60mm bearing journal LS cores feature a larger base circle for lower pressure angles (less side loading on the lifters), a stiffer core, and a lower rocker arm ratio to reduce stress on valvetrain components in race applications. Every cam using any of these steel billet cores will be custom ground for each specific application and can include options such as gun drilling.

chp_07_o November_2011_chevy_high_performance_parts Comp_cams 5/6

Price: $457 & up

Go Fast Safely
Fifth-Gen Camaro Driveshaft Loop
BMR Fabrication is now producing a driveshaft safety loop for manual transmission fifth-gen Camaros. It's not only cheap insurance but also complies with NHRA safety rules. These are NHRA legal and are constructed from 1/4-inch steel plate, and bolts on by utilizing the two existing mounting holes and by drilling two additional holes into the factory transmission crossmember. All Grade 8 hardware is supplied and is available in either black hammertone or red powdercoat.

chp_08_o November_2011_chevy_high_performance_parts Driveshaft_loop 6/6

price: $130
BMR Fabrication



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