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August 2010 High Performance Chevy Parts - CHP Parts

CHP Parts

Jun 25, 2010
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Self-Tune Injection
Inglese Ez-Efi Induction System

If you are in the market for an induction system with a classic look but has modern functionality, then the Inglese eight-stack is what you need. We're talking show-quality looks with all the amenities of modern day fuel injection.

chp_01_z High_performance_chevy_parts Inglese_EZ_EFI_induction_system 2/6

Touching on the FAST EZ-EFI system, Inglese employs advanced fuel injection and precision flow fuel injectors (GM LS-7 type) that are integrated into exclusive cast aluminum 50mm IDA-style throttle bodies. For a cleaner look, the eight-stack system is custom engineered with low-profile fuel rails that sit below the stacks and between the throttle bodies. Additional features include aircraft-quality aluminum linkages that provide a smooth and trouble-free actuation. Once installed, answer a few simple questions and the system will learn itself without the need for a laptop computer. The more you drive, the more it learns and optimizes the tune.

Price: $3,300 & up
866.450.8089 •

Compression & Rebound
'82-92 Adjustable Camaro Struts

QA1 now offers a complete line of their single-, double-, or drag race "R" series adjustable struts for '82-92 Camaros. QA1 double-adjustable struts provide 18 settings for compression and 18 settings for rebound adjustment-that's 324 possible valving combinations! The drag race "R" series struts are designed specifically for drag racing and feature fixed firm compression to control weight transfer to the rear. As always, quick and precise valve tuning is performed with a simple twist of a knob. New struts feature easy bolt-in installation and the aluminum-threaded bodies allow for coilover conversions. Plus, each one is dyno-tested, rebuildable, revalveable, and serialized.

chp_02_z High_performance_chevy_parts Adjustable_camaro_struts 3/6

Price: $250 & UP
952.985.5675 •

Fuel Power
Stackable Carbureted Fuel Regulator

Ever need to control multiple pressures with a single fuel pump? Feeding single or dual carburetors and more than one stage of nitrous is now completely possible with Aeromotive's stackable fuel pressure regulators. It provides a clean, lightweight solution ideal for nitrous engine combinations where multiple pressures are desired. Aeromotive employs a patent pending flow-through designed modular regulator body to create its own integrated fuel log. Using a positive O-ring seal, simply bolt as many of these regulators together as needed using the provided cap screws and O-rings. Each billet aluminum, CNC-machined regulator is adjustable from 5-12 psi and equipped with O-ring and ORB-ports including, ORB-10 (flow-through) ports and (2) ORB-06 outlet ports.

chp_03_z High_performance_chevy_parts Stackable_carbureted_fuel_regulator 4/6

Price: $160 & UP
913.647.7300 •

Rolling Deep
High-Tech Aluminum Wheels

A new set of wheels can really give your aging car a facelift. Offering a classic look for today's modern day muscle cars is Rev Wheels. Rev Wheels is also a registered trademark of American Racing Equipment, which means build quality is unquestionable. Their one-piece, aluminum Classic-100 wheel range in sizes from 15 to 20 inches and are available in chrome with an anthracite center with your choice of a machined or polished lip.

chp_04_z High_performance_chevy_parts High_tech_aluminum_wheels 5/6

Price: $135 & UP
Rev Wheels
951.680.9595 •

Fully Strapped
Trick Tie-Downs For Any Chassis

The vehicle transportation experts at Mac's Custom Tie-Downs have designed a pre-engineered Drag Pack with a series of tie downs that include everything you need for your vehicle and trailer. Mac's Drag Pack tire nets use a CNC-machined aluminum bar to spread the stress over the whole tire. The Drag Pack includes two rear dragster nets, and two front dragster nets that feature the same construction and double-stitching used in military hardware. Also, four anchor plate assemblies, four recessed D-rings, four backing plates, and a Mac's padded black bag to store it all are included.

chp_05_z High_performance_chevy_parts Truck_tie_downs 6/6

Price: $50 & up
Mac's Custom Tie-Downs
866.386.5992 •



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