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July 2010 Chevy Performance Parts - Underhood Transformer - CHP Parts

May 26, 2010
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C6 Corvette Supercharger System
While the base C6 Corvette is a great performer right off the lot, Edelbrock has upped the ante with a new supercharger kit. Edelbrock's E-force supercharger kits utilize an all-new design which incorporates Eaton Twin Vortices Series (TVS) Gen VI rotor assembly as well as an air-to-water twin intercooler system and dual-core heat exchangers. Edelbrock's kit pushes the stock LS3 to 554 hp and 515 lb-ft with the stock fuel pump or 600 hp and 547 lb-ft with the supplied high-volume fuel pump. Low-speed fuel economy is also retained through the use of an internal bypass valve to reduce parasitic loss. Not only does this kit come complete with 52 lb/hr injectors, high-flow intake system, and handheld programmer, this kit fits under the factory hood with no modifications. The E-force supercharger is 50-state legal, designed to work with all OEM emissions systems, and comes with a 5 year/100,000 mile warranty.

chp_02_o July_2010_chevy_high_performance_parts Corvette_c6_supercharger_system 2/6

Price: $6,500 & up
Edelbrock Corporation

Spin On Protection
Micro-Glass Oil Filters
For years, commercial-based fleets have been using advanced micro-glass oil filters to not only extend the life of their equipment, but to also filter out what traditional filters couldn't. Royal Purple is now employing this technology in their high-performance oil filters for the muscle car market. Each filter features 100 percent synthetic micro-glass media, a high-performance silicone anti-drain back valve to prevent dry starts, heavy gauge steel back-plate, heavy-duty nitrile rubber base gasket, and ultra-strength filter housing that provides extra protection against punctures.

chp_03_o July_2010_chevy_high_performance_parts Royal_purple_oil_filter 3/6

Price: $13 & up
Royal Purple

The Return
Cast-Aluminum 409 Engine Block
World Products has resurrected a very loved engine from the '60s that weighs 140 pounds lighter than the original 409 from GM and this one is constructed out of aluminum. The four-bolt main block deck is machined at 64 degrees to the cylinder centerline and embraces most of the external surface areas. Inside, the bores have been increased from 4.3125 inches to 4.500 inches to allow for better breathing and faster revving. To accommodate longer strokes, the camshaft position has been raised by 0.250 inches. The new block accommodates stroke lengths up to 4.750 inches, which means you can pack serious heat, up to 632ci displacement.

chp_04_o July_2010_chevy_high_performance_parts World_products_engine_block 4/6

Price: $5,450 World Products

Beefed Up Driveline
C-Clip Eliminator Kit
Strange Engineering has specifically designed a C-clip eliminator for street and/or strip GM 10- and 12-bolt rearends equipped with C-clip-style axles. In the past, C-clip eliminators for these applications have been designed for drag racing, which use ball bearings. For drag racing, ball bearing C-clip kits will suffice, however when used on the street they are prone to leaking and premature failure. The Strange eliminator kit (PN A1033) utilizes Timken unit (tapered) bearings, which survive severe side loads and constant use. The Strange kit also features two seals per axleshaft, ensuring a completely sealed axle end. Complete axle and C-clip eliminator packages are also available.

chp_07_o July_2010_chevy_high_performance_parts C_clip_eliminator_kit 5/6

Price: $169
Strange Engineering

Hang 'Em Up
'68-72 Chevelle Exhuast Hangers
Chances are the original exhaust hangers in your Chevelle have been cut off and replaced with universal kits that don't offer a factory fit. Inline Tube now offers a concourse correct reproduction of the original exhaust hangers for a perfect fit, allowing your mufflers and tailpipes to sit in the proper location. Each bracket comes plated and painted to resemble the factory originals and comes with all the necessary hardware.

chp_08_o July_2010_chevy_high_performance_parts Inline_tube 6/6

Price: $30 & up
Inline Tube



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