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Building A Blow-Through Carburetor - Feeding The Fire

Building A Bulletproof Blow-Through Carburetor

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When it comes to supercharging, carburetors have been given an ill rap for a number of years-at least until recently. Most naysayers would spew out the negative connotations with little knowledge of how carbs really worked. The truth of the matter is, carbureted blow-through technology is much more advanced than they're given credit for and The Carb Shop has proven time and time again that its carburetors flat-out work.

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If you weren't aware of how far back this technology goes, we'll start by saying The Carb Shop first tried the blow-through setup back in 1977 on a twin-turbo boat application. In the automotive sector, it was in the early '90s they outfitted a '69 Camaro with a ProCharger system. On the dyno, the numbers were impressive, but The Carb Shop later learned through extensive testing on the road and at the dragstrip that it's important to size up the intercoolers properly, as they themselves can be an added restriction.

Over the years, they've had an extremely successful track record with a number of fast heads-up cars, all of which has trickled down to the street-level consumer. Can you say 1,000-plus horsepower with no driveability issues whatsoever? For those of you who are still up in the air, we're more than happy to report that we've used nothing but The Carb Shop's carburetors on our blow-through builds, including a 383ci small-block along with a 496ci and a 502ci big-block, all of which have generated big numbers on the engine dyno.

This month, we're going to go through the motions of how these carbs are built; granted, some of it's proprietary information, so you won't get the exact dimensions on certain components. However, it's a good overview to showcase the amount of detail that goes into them. If you're looking for a complete kit to build one for yourself-you can forget it. Honestly, there are way too many variables and you're much better off purchasing one custom-built for your application.

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For those of you who are looking to put in your orders, expect to wait 7 to 14 working days and pricing is contingent on the power level you're trying to achieve. Of course, you can save a few bucks if you already have a carburetor to send in, but even if you don't, we're sure you'll agree that the price is more than reasonable for the results that can be achieved.

Quick Notes

What is it
Custom-built blow-through carburetor by The Carb Shop

What we did
Modify a Holley 950 HP

Price (Approx)
Starts at $480 if you supply the carb; $1,600 for a ready-to-run, custom-built piece



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