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May 2010 Chevy Performance Parts - CHP Parts

Apr 14, 2010
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Iron Headed: 23-Degree Modified Combustion Chamber
In the past, a set of iron heads for domed or flat-top piston applications meant a lot of extra machining. You can forget about the added expense as Engine Quest now produces a 23-degree cylinder head that will accept either type of piston with its newly constructed combustion chamber design. These cylinder heads come available in 180, 200, 220, or 235cc intake runners and come with a standard 64cc combustion chamber and angle plug. If you need a smaller chamber, Engine Quest also offers a 50cc option. Additional features include a thick 0.4375-inch deck for strenth, hardened DuraBond exhaust seats, and Phospor bronze guides.

chp_02_o May_2010_chevy_performance_parts Head 2/6

Price: $377 Each
Engine Quest

Plus One Advantage: Overdrive 700-R4 Transmission
Most Turbo 350 and 400 three-speed transmissions only allow for street cruising with limited rpm revability on the freeways. That's changed with Monster Transmission's latest 700-R4 overdrive conversion upgrade. The package has the advantage of an additional overdriven gear that creates a 30-40 percent gain in fuel economy with higher top speeds. Monster's kits are bolt-in ready, come with a 3-year unlimited mileage warranty, and free shipping too!

chp_04_o May_2010_chevy_performance_parts Transmission 3/6

Price: $1,695 & Up
Monster Transmission

Stealth Lighting: Hidden Side Marker Lens
Anvil Auto has created the "Phantom Lens," which replaces the chrome pot metal bezels on the side marker lights for '69 Camaros and Chevelles. The lenses are constructed with an injection molded polycarbonate and are designed to be painted to match the car's body for a hidden appearance. Black vehicles can use them right out of the box. And, since these kits are practically universal, they can be applied to an array of muscle cars and only require you to cut the sheetmetal with the supplied template. The sidelights are visible when on, and disappear when off!

chp_03_o May_2010_chevy_performance_parts Side_marker 4/6

Price: $95 (set of 4)
Anvil Auto

Street Power: Line Of Hp Carburetors
The greatest benefit from choosing a Holley carburetor is its ability to perform on the street just as well as it does on the track. Holley now offers a full line of their successful HP series carburetors in an 850- and 950-cfm application for the street, which are perfect for big-inch small- or big-blocks. These carbs feature the popular Holley HP series race-ready main body, and the baseplate has several vacuum ports to cover PCV, power brakes, and others. Other slick features include mechanical secondaries, power valve blow-out protection, non-stick gaskets, adjustable air bleeds, and a four-corner idle system.

chp_04_o May_2010_chevy_performance_parts Transmission 5/6

Price: $526

F-Body Control: Adjustable Lower Control Arms
On third- and fourth-gen Camaros, getting the rear to hook is crucial. BMR's on-car adjustable lower control arms allow drivers to eliminate wheelhop on site at the dragstrip. The lower arms are manufactured from heavy-wall 1.5-inch DOM steel tubing and come assemblend with CNC machined 3/4-inch chromoly double adjusters. Polyeurethane bushings on one side are internally fluted and greasable. The other end features a heavy-duty chromoly XR series QA1 rod end, which allows for bind-free rearend articulation without compromising ride quality. Install time will only set you back an hour. These are available in either black hammertone or red powdercoating.

chp_06_o May_2010_chevy_performance_parts Control_arms 6/6

Price: $210
BMR Fabrication



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