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5-Spoke Rally Wheels
Year One has always offered the components and parts you needed most to start your build. So why not complete the project car with a set of fresh 17x9 wheels. These new, shiny hoops are a version of the "5-Spoke Rally" wheels which originally came on '70-81 Z28 Camaros and '71-72 Chevelles. The Year One wheels feature a 5-inch backspacing and come with a machined lip. Both wheels will accept the original-style center caps and lug nuts and even come in your choice of two different finishes. Get them in either powdercoated gunmetal gray or a polished aluminum finish.

Price: $750 Per Set
Year One Inc.

chp_01_o March_2010_chevy_performance_parts Custom_rims 2/6

Underhood Candy
Billet Aluminum Hood-Hinges Eddie Motorsports now offers these trick-looking hinges for most applications. They are CNC machined from billet 6061-T6 aluminum and utilize high-quality sealed ball bearings for a smooth operation. You have the choice of machined, satin, or brilliant polished finish, as well as black or clear anodized. We like that it's a direct bolt-in replacement and comes with a slotted base for hood adjustment.

Price: $475 & Up
Eddie Motorsports

chp_04_o March_2010_chevy_performance_parts Dood_adjustment_kit 3/6

Cylinder Saver: Leakdown Tester
There is nothing worse than not knowing. While racing or simply wrenching on your daily hauler, sometimes it's necessary to check the compression of your cylinders. The tester is housed in a stand-up black-powdercoated steel case and comes with a 14mm adapter long, 14mm and 18mm adapters short, a tapered plug adapter, and whip lines. Moroso has calibrated the leakdown tester for high accuracy and repeatability. Don't hit the track without one!

Price: $528

chp_05_o March_2010_chevy_performance_parts Cylinder_compression_checker 4/6

Zr1 Killer: Supercharged Ls3 & L99 Crate Engines
Want all the fun of a ZR1 without having to lay out the cash for one? Mast Motorsports is now producing 750hp LS3 and L99 supercharged drop-in engines for the 2010 Camaro. Each engine features a forged rotating assembly (Callies crank, H-beam rods, Mahle/Mast pistons), LS3/L92 CNC profiled heads, custom Mast single-bolt or VVT supercharger profile cam, and Magnusson's TVS 2300 supercharger. The engines come pretested and with a dyno sheet and even include a 12-month warranty.

Price: $19,000 & Up
Mast Motorsports

chp_07_o March_2010_chevy_performance_parts Supercharged_chevy_ls3_engine 5/6

Desired Precision
Pushbutton Calibration For Electronic Speedometers Classic's new module now makes it easier to precisely calibrate most electronic speedometers with just a touch of a button. The module wires inline between the transmission's pulse signal or ECM output and your speedometer head. The SN74 converts all known signals and includes an 8,000 ppm signal output to control your electronic cruise control. Just push the button, drive a measured mile, push the button again-it's that easy.

Price: $99
Classic Instruments

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