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Nan Gelhard Of Summit Racing Offers An Inside Look At The World's Speed Shop

Stephen Kim Feb 1, 2010 0 Comment(s)

Some people think of Summit primarily as a parts distributor, but the company also has a full R&D facility complete with dynos and flowbenches to assist in the product development process. "Now that we offer products ranging from cylinder heads to rocker arms under our house brand, we use our chassis and engine dyno extensively-along with the flowbench-to test for performance and reliability. That's only part of the equation, as we also conduct lots of real-world endurance testing on our products," explains Nan. "For example, we put a lot of real-world mileage into testing our carbs before we deemed it worthy of having the Summit Racing name on it. It's also important to mention that we really do pay attention to what our customers say. The volume of feedback we get is one of the advantages of talking to so many customers on a daily basis. If there are suggestions that will make a product better, we work closely with our R&D department to make it happen."

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Summit Bucks
Low prices, fast shipping, and an excellent assortment of products is Summit's claim to fame, but it's not content to stop there. At any given time, Summit Bucks can be earned on thousands of different items. It's as easy as flipping through the catalog, or clicking on the "Savings Central" tab on the company's website. "They work like gift certificates, and arrive in the mail about 10 days after a qualifying purchase is made. When you purchase certain promotional items, you can earn anywhere from $10-$50 Summit Bucks," Nan explains. "For instance, if we're offering a $15 Summit Bucks award on a set of MSD plug wires, then you can redeem them to get $15 off of your next order. This can be done over the phone, through the mail, on our online store, or in person at one of our retail locations."

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The Future
"We're always adding new products and new brands to our lineup, and enthusiasts can expect us to remain on the leading edge when it comes to the latest products. We'll also continue to add Summit Brand products as an even more affordable alternative for value-conscious customers. You can also look for us to further develop our Powersports line for ATVs, UTVs, and dirt bikes, and we'll continue to improve our line of replacement parts for everyday maintenance and repair needs. In the meantime, we've taken on sponsorship of the Summit Racing Equipment Show Car Series, which consists of autoramas and World of Wheels shows across the country. The series is a great way to support street performance enthusiasts, which is another major segment of our hobby. As always, we'll continue to look for other ways to the support high-performance enthusiasts and the hobby they love."

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