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February 2010 Chevy Performance Parts - CHP Parts

Feb 1, 2010

The Rack
Chassisworks Nitrous Bottle Storage
Chassisworks has always been on the forefront of fabrication and design and have created a simple yet effective method of stowing your nitrous tanks safely and conveniently. Individually crafted from a combination of steel and aluminum, they will hold industry-standard 10- to 15lb, 6.90-inch diameter bottles. Racks are available as vertical stand-up models or a lay-down style that places the bottle at a 15 degree incline. Steel top and bottom support plates are powdercoated and the billet components, including the stand supports and interlocking latch mechanism, are anodized for a rugged and durable finish. To eliminate movement, all contact surfaces are fitted with rubber guards. Optional features include aluminum grab handles and precision machined 9/16- and 11/16-inch nitrous bottle wrenches for -4 and -6 AN fittings.

Price: Starts At $180
Chris Alston's Chassisworks

chp_16_z February_2009_chevy_performance_parts Performance_nos_kit 2/9

Fiber Nose
'78-81 camaro front bumper cover
If you have a later-model "rubber bumper" Camaro in the works, then you're well aware that the front cover is nearly impossible to find. The good news is Ground Up is now reproducing these and offers them in a fiberglass construction over the urethane, which has a tendency to warp and crack over time. If fiberglass isn't for you, Ground Up also offers the same high-quality reproduction nose in a softer and more forgiving fiberglass known as "flex-glass" for an additional cost.

Price: $500 & Up
Ground Up, Inc.

chp_05_z February_2009_chevy_performance_parts Front_bumper 3/9

Main Sealed
One-Piece Gen V & Vi Big-Block Crankshaft
The one-piece rear main seal crankshaft found in '91-00 Gen V and VI big-block engines has proven difficult to find in either new or used form. EngineQuest however is now manufacturing brand new cast crankshafts as an OE alternative for your rebuild. Since these crankshafts are based off the original design, they don't require any additional grinding and offer a drop-in fit. All you'll need is a set of main bearings and it's ready to go.

Price: $315

chp_06_z February_2009_chevy_performance_parts Performance_crankshaft 4/9

Staying In Tune
Ultra Flo X Muffler

Dynomax mufflers feature the balance and flow of a traditional cross-pipe configuration into their advanced, ultra-high efficiency straight-through Ultra Flo muffler. For lifelong protection, the Ultra Flo features a stainless steel construction and is welded for maximum durability. Continuous Roving Fiberglass (CRF) technology absorbs unwanted interior resonance and also helps to maintain the engine's performance. With a 3-inch internal perforated tube cross-pipe surrounded by the CRF for maximum flow, you'll certainly appreciate its aggressive tone.

Price: $150

chp_07_z February_2009_chevy_performance_parts Performance_ultra_flow_muffler 5/9

Strut Your Stuff
'62-67 Nova Front Suspension
Yesteryear's technology has left early Novas with a less than ample means of soaking up the bumps and preventing extreme body roll. To fix this, Fatman Fabrications offers a bolt-in package that includes the K-member, springs, strut mounts, lower A-arms, and utilizes a strut type suspension based off the '82-93 Camaro spindles and brakes. This system will eliminate factory bumpsteer, allow for an adjustable ride height through the use of coilovers or air suspension, and adds a five-lug disc brake option.

Price: $1,995
Fatman Fabrications

chp_08_z February_2009_chevy_performance_parts Nova_suspension_system 6/9



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