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January 2010 Chevy Performance Parts & Accessories - CHP Parts

Jan 1, 2010

Pro Torker Small-Block Cylinder Heads
If you want to stray away from custom one-off cylinder heads but still retain and match OE specs for valve angle, intake port size, and configuration-as well as combustion chamber design, the RHS Pro Torker is the ticket.

The RHS Pro Torker cylinder head is an iron cast design to help keep costs down, but offers four different styles to choose from. While all runner lengths remain the same at 170cc on the entire Pro Torker line, a choice of 76cc chambers with 1.940/1.500- or 2.020/1.600-inch intake/exhaust valves are on hand. For more squeeze, a smaller 67cc chamber and 1.950/1.500- or 2.020/1.600-inch intake setup is also available. Water jackets have been redesigned for improved cooling and an improved casting design with thicker exhaust face and deck surfaces eliminate distortion or cracking.

Price: $225 Each (Bare)
Memphis, TN

chp_02_z January_2010_chevy_performance_parts_accessories Performance_engine_cast 2/6

Meat Cookers
Chevy Ii Mini-Tubs
The inner wheelhousings on a Chevy II can be a tight situation. Detroit Speed, Inc. has developed a larger tub assembly kit that will easily install and allow for wider wheel and tire packages. The Deep Tubs are 21/2 inches wider than the factory housing and constructed out of 18-gauge steel. DSE Deep Tubs will allow up to a 295mm rear tire on '62-65s and even larger 315mm on '66-67 Chevy IIs. Rest assured knowing that DSE designed these tubs for a perfect fit and will retain the overall stock appearance.

Price: $450 (Pair)
Detroit Speed, Inc.
Mooresville, NC

chp_03_z January_2010_chevy_performance_parts_accessories Inner_wheel_housing 3/6

The Ram Pack
F-Body Bolt-On Cold-Air Kit
With added power comes the heat-robbing side effect produced by the engine. In an effort to keep underhood temps down and increase power output, Spectre designed their ProFab cold-air intake for '69-81 F-bodies. Their testing has concluded a 10 degree reduction in underhood temps as well as creating up to a 2 percent increase in power. The system pulls cooler air from the front fenderwells by utilizing a 14-inch, round, high-flow hpR air filter; dual mandrel bent aluminum intake tubes; and all the necessary brackets, adapters, and hardware. It even comes with instructions.

Price: $500
Spectre Performance
Ontario, CA

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Hot Rollers
Eliminator Series Wheels
Like much of the automotive industry, it's hard to beat a clean set of Cragar wheels. Their timeless designs can still be seen on street/strip cars today. In the spirit of the '60s Cragar GT wheel, their latest Eliminator series are now available for muscle car applications. They're currently offered in 15x7, 15x8, 17x7, and 17x8 with popular bolt patterns, offsets, and direct drill fitments. The Eliminator series wheels are constructed from one-piece aluminum and come in several finishes, including Black, Magnesium Gray, polished, and chrome-plated.

Price: $175 & up
Cragar Wheel
Milford, IA

chp_05_z January_2010_chevy_performance_parts_accessories Custom_rims 5/6

Night Sun
Round Led Headlamp
While most muscle cars are known for their raw power, they still suffer from underpowered headlamps. Truck-Lite has developed a robust lighting solution through the use of a light emitting diode, or LED. It's a form of lighting that is not only brighter than a traditional bulb but is more efficient. Truck-Lite offers a 7-inch round LED headlamp in either 12 or 24 volts. They are resistant to shock and vibration, use less power, and have a hard coated polycarbonate lens to resist stone chips and scratching.

Price: $250 Each
Falconer, NY

chp_06_z January_2010_chevy_performance_parts_accessories Round_led_head_lights 6/6



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