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December 2009 Chevy Performance Parts - CHP Parts

Dec 1, 2009

Cooler Power

Second-Gen Camaro Radiator And Core Support Combo
Fans of long-nose second-gen Camaros are crafty individuals and stuff everything from big-inch monsters to LS engines in the bays. Knowing the importance of keeping things on the cool side, AutoRad's complete aluminum radiator and core support system is an all-in-one cooling solution. Not only is the core support crafted from 0.125-inch aluminum, but the unitized system is completely bolt-in and comes ready to drop in. All radiators are made from 0.090-inch aluminum, have ribbed headers, and vacuum-brazed cores. Two rows and 1-inch tubes (optional 11/2-inch tubes) come standard. Upgrade to the dual fans with an aluminum fan shroud and the combination will prevent even the most powerful engines from overheating. Optional assemblies are also available in brushed, polished, or powdercoated finishes and all components come with a 2-year warranty.

chp_02_z December_2009_chevy_performance_parts  Aftermarket_camaro_radiator 2/6

Price: $1,300 & up
Gainesville, GA

Lock Down

High-Tech Fasteners
Any bolt that sees heavy-duty stresses with high vibration or consistent heating and cooling cycles will eventually begin to loosen over time. Percy's High Performance has an ingenious way of keeping intake and header bolts securely fastened. Their reuseable Split-Lock fasteners install like a traditional bolt, however it's locked into place by tightening the set-pin. The set-pin causes the threads of the bolt to spread and expand up against the walls of the threads, preventing it from backing out and they have no clips or wires to worry about. Most engine application sizes are available and come in your choice of black oxide or stainless steel.

chp_03_z December_2009_chevy_performance_parts  High_tech_fasteners 3/6

The LS2-Step

Ignition Launch Control Box
Consistency is the key to winning races and controlling every launch from the gate is one way to support the cause. MSD's new launch control for the LS2 is a compact device that will allow racers to easily set a low-rpm limit that can be activated at the starting line. The system plugs directly into the coil pack harness with no cutting. Through the use of two small rotary dials, adjustments can be made from 1,000 to 9,000 rpm in increments of 100 rpm. The activation wire can be used directly from the clutch switch or a momentary activation switch can be

chp_06_z December_2009_chevy_performance_parts  Ignition_control_box 4/6

Price: $62 & Up
Percy's High Performance
Camdenton, MO

Price: $215
El Paso, TX

Making The Rounds

Quick 16 Drag Race Pistons
Dedicated to class-leading forging technology, Wiseco designed a piston for the weekly bracket racers. The Quick 16 pistons are light, super-tough, and designed to go round after round with demanding big-inch Sportsman series engines. They feature anti-detonation grooves, 15-degree Pro Stock pressure seal grooves, ArmorGlide skirt coatings, and profiled domes for use with nitrous. The Quick 16s will fit conventional cylinder heads and are available in various compression heights and ring packages for your high-horsepower combination.

chp_04_z December_2009_chevy_performance_parts  Quick_16_drag_race_pistons 5/6

Price: $1,500
Mentor, OH

Keep It Simple

A/C Delete Kit
If you're looking to get rid of the factory air-conditioning system in your muscle car for a cleaner look, then you'll appreciate AGM Industries' latest delete kit. This kit requires no modification and features a durable, high-gloss cover that replaces the evaporator box. The covers are designed with extra clearance for tall valve covers, headers, and shaves 150 pounds of unwanted weight. Best of all, this kit retains the full use of the original heater and defrosting system. You also have the option of purchasing the cover separately or the master kit, which comes with a new heater core, blower motor and fan, 3M sealant, and is available for most Camaros, Chevelles, Novas, Impalas, and Corvettes. CHP

chp_05_z December_2009_chevy_performance_parts  Aftermarket_air_conditioning_kit 6/6

Price: $150 & Up
AGM Industries
Keenesburg, CO



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