Chevy High Performance Holiday Buyer's Guide

JE Pistons has expanded its popular "SRP Professional" product line for the Chevy LSX series engines. The new pistons are designed to be compatible with standard and 4.000-inch stroke combinations using a 6.125-inch length rod. The SRP Professional package is compatible with nitrous and forced induction applications and has been dyno proven to provide up to a 12hp gain and 20 percent weight savings over other aftermarket forged pistons.

JE Pistons

The dirtier it gets, the better it works. We have been saying that for years about the California Car Duster and it is still true today. Keep your car looking great between washes. The duster's baked-in wax treatment works better and lasts longer than those dusters featuring a sprayed-in wax. A smaller version is available for home or motorcycle use. The original is $19.99, or get one of each for $24.99.

California Car Cover

CPP's Totally Tubular Control Arms feature a simple bolt-on installation with no trimming of inner fenders or modification required. The innovative design captures both sides of the bushing for added control and stability, while preventing the bolts from working loose. CPP's Tubular Control Arms provide full wheel travel and minimal friction. Available for most popular applications. Prices start at $309.00.

Classic Performance Products

K2 Motor, a leader in the automotive aftermarket industry, now offers top-of-the-line auto accessory products. Ranging from headlights to taillights, these products can enhance the look of your vehicle during the daytime; while at the same time improve your vision on the road at night. They have a large range of Chevy, GMC, and Ford headlights and taillights, and provide 100 percent free shipping within the 48 contiguous states with live chat support help. If something else online catches your eye let their customer service know that you saw this ad and provide them the code: "CHEVYCARMAG" for an extra 10 percent off.

K2 Motor

Get performance you can feel: better onramp acceleration, on-demand passing, towing, or through the hills. Granatelli Motor Sports mass airflow sensors improve efficiency by providing quicker and more accurate calibrations to changes in engine intake airflow, fuel, and spark timing. A 47 percent improvement in airflow also aids performance, which is dyno proven from 2,000 rpm to redline. Most importantly, the performance can be felt where it counts, in the seat of your pants. Granatelli Motor Sports performance mass airflow sensors are ideal for adding extra performance with none of the hassles. All you need are basic handtools and you'll enjoy 10 to 23 rear-wheel horsepower in no time. Now that's performance, quick and easy!

Granatelli Motor Sports

GM Classics is a place for all your muscle car parts needs. Get these high-quality hood hinges for your classic, accurately stamped from high-strength steel. Available in standard steel and now in beautiful chrome. Fits '66-67 Nova, '67-69 Camaro, '67-69 Firebird, '65-67 Chevelle, '65-67 fullsize Chevys. It's a great gift idea. Original gauge metal, high-strength steel, OER quality-polished, then chrome-plated.

GM Classics




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