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November 2009 Chevy Performance Parts - CHP Parts

Nov 1, 2009

When it comes to supercharging Chevrolet's resurrected 2010 Camaro SS, ProCharger is the ultimate power adder.Jeff Lacina, Accessible Technologies, Inc.

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>Gale-Force Advantage
ProCharger '10 Camaro Supercharger System
If you haven't already seen the track-tested numbers of the new 427hp Camaro SS, it is quick. 12-second quarter-miles are a cakewalk, but that wouldn't suffice for ProCharger. On the forefront of true bolt-on centrifugal supercharger technology, ProCharger has built and designed the first all-new P-1SC-1 supercharger system for the '10 Camaro. Matching the 6.2L engine with ProCharger's three-core air-to-air intercooled systems can add up to 45 percent more horsepower. ProCharger's HO intercooled system comes complete with everything, including intercooling tubing, brackets, fuel injectors, a ProFlow bypass valve, and software. You also have the option of a tuner kit, which is offered at a reduced price, but omits fuel injectors and computer programming. A three-year warranty comes standard, and you can expect a race kit to come shortly that features an F-series supercharger with your choice of 12-rib serpentine or cog belt assembly. Larger intercoolers will be available soon for upgraded LS engines.

Price: $6,196 & up
Accessible Technologies, Inc.
Lenexa, KS

0911chp_03_z November_2009_chevy_performance_parts Engine_mounting_kit 3/9

All For One
Moroso's Mounting Kit
If you've ever needed an all-in-one feature to incorporate an alternator and vacuum pump, Moroso's got the answer. The single billet frame bracket is a nifty mounting solution with belt adjustments for an alternator and vacuum pump. The kit is available for both small- and big-block engines and is designed to mount a mini ND-style 93mm alternator with a Moroso vacuum pump (PN 22642) to either side of the engine while fitting snuggly over an electric water pump. The bracket will work with most old- and new-style drive mandrel kits and even includes all the spacers and hardware to make installation a breeze.

Price: $320
Guilford, CT

0911chp_04_z November_2009_chevy_performance_parts Fully_charged_battery_power 4/9

Automatic Protector
California Car Cover Battery Disconnect
It's simple to use and installs in a matter of minutes to provide a safe way of maintaining your battery's charge. Included is a 15-amp bypass fuse that ensures a trickle charge that will maintain the car's clock radio. Although the system remains installed at all times, simply loosening and removing the knob on the battery disconnect is all it takes for it to also be used as an antitheft device. It's that simple. Never lose settings on the radio again, and fire up your car from storage with a fully charged battery.

Price: $22
California Car Cover
Chatsworth, CA

0911chp_05_z November_2009_chevy_performance_parts Aftermarket_sound_system 5/9

Packing A Punch
Custom Autosound Speaker System
If interior space is at a premium in your muscle car, squeezing in a tailored speaker system might seem impossible. Custom Autosound has designed a soundful solution to a tight situation by using specially designed speaker enclosures. At only 3 inches tall, the Undercover II speaker system is made from compacted rock material and features an 8-inch Neodymium woofer and two 2-inch tweeters capable of 250 watts. The enclosures feature almost limitless mounting possibilities below most front seats. Each pair comes complete with mounting brackets, screws, and speaker wire.

Price: $140 (pair)
Custom Autosound
Fullerton, CA

0911chp_06_z November_2009_chevy_performance_parts Engine_block 6/9

Power Maker
Doug Herbert Performance Center Small-Block Top End Kit
Utilizing its racing expertise, Doug Herbert Performance Center offers a complete, all-in-one top end kit to transform any powerplant into a potent street mill. DHPC begins with a pair of 190cc intake runner aluminum heads with a 64cc combustion chamber (optional 210cc with 64cc chambers), 2.02/1.60-inch intake/exhaust valves, complete with locks, retainers, studs, and guideplates. You also get a Cloyes double-roller chain, Comp pushrods, a DHPC flat-tappet camshaft, and lifters. Rounding out the package are an Edelbrock Performer RPM intake manifold, adjustable rockers, intake and cylinder head bolts, and free shipping to boot! CHP

Price: $1,400
Doug Herbert Performance Center
Lincolnton, NC



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