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October 2009 Chevy Performance Parts - CHP Parts

Expanding The Holley Avenger & Double Pumper Lineups

Oct 1, 2009
0910chp_02_z October_2009_chevy_performance_parts Performance_fuel_pump 2/6

Feeling the urge for additional weight savings, quality looks, and improved performance? Holley's Ultra Street Avengers and Ultra Double Pumpers shed 5 pounds from their zinc counterparts because of their all-aluminum construction and retain their factory shine longer. For added strength, the metering blocks and baseplates are constructed of 6061-T6 billet and can be ordered in your choice of red, blue, or black anodizing. Another feature is the clear fuel-level window so adjustments can be made easily on either model.

The Ultra Street Avenger comes with vacuum secondaries and in configurations of 670 or 770 cfm. The Ultra Double Pumper is available in 650 or 750 cfm and comes with mechanical secondaries and an electric choke. Both come with four corner idle circuits and offer enhanced fuel curves for optimum performance out of the box.

Introductory Price: $499
Holley performance products
Bowling Green, KY

0910chp_03_z October_2009_chevy_performance_parts Performance_transmission_kit 3/6

Going The Distance
Monster Transmission 700r4
If you're looking to maximize fuel consumption and get the most out of the older three- and four-speed mileage-hogging trannies, then check out Monster's 700R4 transmission conversion packages. Monster offers a nearly turnkey package with a 3.06:1 First gear. Compared to a traditional three-speed, Monster's 30 percent overdrive will increase mileage 30-40 percent. Each package comes with a performance torque converter (1,650- to 2,500-stall), universal transmission mount with bolts, and a Hayden transmission cooler kit.

Price: $1,895 & up
Monster Transmission
Spring Hill, FL

0910chp_04_z October_2009_chevy_performance_parts Battery_box 4/6

Safe House
Moroso's Battery Box
Weight placement is just as important as weight reduction. Now you can relocate your battery safely inside your car without having to worry about toxic gases or fumes. Moroso has designed an injection-molded polyethylene battery box that not only resists corrosion but is closed with a foam gasket to prevent gases from escaping. It comes with quick-lock fasteners for easy entry, is complete with a vent tube and all the necessary mounting components, and is accepted by the NHRA, IHRA, and SCCA competition.

Price: $71
Guilford, CT

0910chp_05_z October_2009_chevy_performance_parts Performance_camshaft 5/6

Change Point
XFI SPR Cams & Phaser Kit for GM Gen IV Engines
Comp Cams has found a way to take advantage of the computer technology that manages camshaft timing in '07 and newer L92 (Variable Valve Timing) powerplants. Comp designed four new cam grinds in the XFI SPR line (PN 156-400-13) to provide gains in horsepower and torque through the use of Comp's cam phaser limiter kit (PN 5456). The limiter kit reduces cam timing movement from 50 to 20 degrees. The limiter kit also provides ample valve clearance for tighter lobe camshafts without sacrificing any low-end rpm grunt. Note: Beehive springs (PN 26918) must also be used.

Price: $64 PHASER, $435 CAM
Comp Cams
Memphis, TN

0910chp_06_z October_2009_chevy_performance_parts 1969_chevy_camaro_seat_covers 6/6

Nice Fit
1969 Chevy Camaro Seat Covers
Factory-correct interior pieces are hard items to come by, but Legendary Auto Interiors makes it simple with front bucket or fixed hardtop or convertible rear seat covers for '69 Camaros. These covers feature multilayer construction, are guaranteed to fit, and come with a lifetime warranty. You also get the option of Comfortweave vinyl inserts or hound's-tooth cloth with Madrid grain skirts. Front covers come in pairs, while the rears come packaged for the top and bottom.

Price: $273 & up
Front Buckets
Legendary Auto Interiors Ltd.
Newark, NY



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