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As time passes, technology evolves, and that's to our advantage, especially since it tends to lower the cost of the electronics we want to get our hands on most. It used to be that shooting in-car camera footage required a fairly decent camcorder, and even by today's standards, the digital versions can still cost a pretty penny.

If a conventional camcorder isn't in your best interest and you're looking for an alternative to capture your best moments behind the wheel, then you're going to dig GoPro's line of 5-megapixel digital sports cameras. For starters, they're incredibly affordable, starting at just $179.99 for the Motorsports Hero with a 54-degree viewing angle. The Motorsports Hero Wide is a few bucks more at $199.99 but provides a full field of vision with its 170-degree viewing angle.

While these small wireless cameras are impressive, the price also includes many additional items to maximize the use of the little wonders, such as a quick-release housing, a suction-cup mount, and a handful of adhesive mounts with quick-release buckles.

Follow along as we give you the complete rundown of the system and showcase some of the more unique features that make this camera stand out above the rest.

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The Gadget
Affordable motorsports video camera

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GoPro gets the job done

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