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31 Trick Goodies For Your Camaro, Chevelle & Nova

0910chp_22_z 31_hot_chevy_camaro_chevelle_nova_bolt_ons Chevy_ls_engine 2/32

Full Tilt
It's no doubt the LS-series engines are a true out-of-the-box performer. The LS motors seem to share almost bulletproof qualities in the rotating and valvetrain assembly. When it comes to all-out drag or open track racing though, stiffening up the rocker-arm flex and stabilizing those actions is critical. Comp Cams' trunion upgrade is a direct OEM replacement with stiffer, more durable 8620 steel alloy. Needle bearings are replaced with caged roller bearings to increase rigidity, and they comply with drag racing classes where stock components are mandated.

What it fits: LS1
What it is: Factory rocker arm upgrade
What it costs: $135
Where to get it: 800.999.0853 compcams.com

0910chp_23_z 31_hot_chevy_camaro_chevelle_nova_bolt_ons Full_nitrous_system 3/32

Six Equals Eight
Wringing out power from the Camaro's new direct-injected V-6 is cake. It already spits out 300 hp from the factory and runs consistent 14-sec time slips. However, the power-hungry techs at Zex have designed a full nitrous system that turns the six cylinders into eight with the flick of a switch and stab at the throttle. Operating safely was a must, and with Active Fuel Control, the system automatically adjusts fuel delivery with changes in bottle pressure. The system will only activate under wide open throttle and is adjustable from 55 to 100 additional ponies.

What if fits: '10 V-6 Camaro
What it is: Nitrous system
What it costs: Starting at $682
Where to get it: 888.817.1008 zex.com

0910chp_24_z 31_hot_chevy_camaro_chevelle_nova_bolt_ons Steering_conversion_kit 4/32

Steering Diet
Shedding weight while at the same time freeing up additional power is what it's all about. Borgeson's steering conversion kit will make your sled a bit quicker by trimming up to 28 pounds from the front end while also unleashing parasitic loss in the accessories drive. The kit comes with a GM 525 steering box, a pitman arm, and a half-rag joint to connect to the stock column. All kits are built in the USA and come with a three-year warranty.

What if fits: '70-92 Camaro, '64-72 Chevelle, '78-88 Malibu, '75-79 Nova
What it does: Converts power steering to manual
What it costs: $514
Where to get it: 860.482.8283 borgeson.com

0910chp_25_z 31_hot_chevy_camaro_chevelle_nova_bolt_ons Fuel_economy 5/32

Gear Spread
Supporting up to 850 hp in a six-speed is not easy. Somehow TCI has managed to squeeze more gears, longevity, and user-friendliness into a super package for the street or strip. The six forward gears (2.97, 2.31, 1.57, 1.18, 1.00, 0.75) are fully programmable and allow for quicker acceleration and increased fuel economy. A paddle shifter is optional for manual mode-gear selection. The 4L80E case is coated for cooler operating temps and is self-contained, which all but eliminates problems with external bolt-on overdrives. The complete TCI drivetrain package includes the transmission, control unit, paddle shift, wiring harness, cooler, and dipstick.

What if fits: Any street machine with a small- or big-block and LS powerplants
What it is: Six-speed automatic transmission
What it costs: $5,795 kit; $4,446 transmission only
Where to get it: 888.776.9824 tciauto.com

0910chp_26_z 31_hot_chevy_camaro_chevelle_nova_bolt_ons Fiberglass_hood 6/32

Flip Your Lid
Harwood's Pro Touring Series hoods allow for a 2 1/2-inch cowl and great modern looks to go along with it. Harwood offers a traditional bolt-on version that is fully finished underneath, bolts directly to the factory hinges and latches, and also includes a custom trim bezel for the scoop inlet.

What if fits: '67-92 Camaro, '70-72 Chevelle, '81-88 Monte Carlo, '68-74 Nova
What it is: Fiberglass hood
What it costs: $595
Where to get it: 800.822.3392 eharwood.com

0910chp_27_z 31_hot_chevy_camaro_chevelle_nova_bolt_ons Cylinder_heads 7/32

Monster flow
Getting the most flow out of your big-block cylinder heads is easy. How does a 339cc intake port or even a 376cc runner sound? RHS designed these 24-degree heads with the all-out drag racer in mind. The 339cc intake valves are 2.250 inches, while the 376cc versions come with 2.300. They share 1.880-inch exhaust valves, multiangle intakes, and radiused exhaust valve seats for added flow. For maximum atomization and velocity, both intake and exhaust ports are CNC-ported, as are the 121cc combustion chambers, which eliminates improper port-to-chamber transitions. Hotspots that occur in the chambers are all but eliminated through a refined path in the water jackets.

What if fits: Big-block Chevy
What it is: CNC ported big-block cylinder head
What it costs: $1,279 each for 339cc and 376cc
Where to get it: 877.776.4323 racingheadservice.com


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