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31 Trick Goodies For Your Camaro, Chevelle & Nova

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Easy Swap
BMR Fabrication brings late-model driveline technology to first-gen F-bodies with a T56 six-speed conversion crossmember. These are constructed from 1.25- and 1.625-inch DOM tubing with CNC laser-cut mounting plates. The transmission conversion crossmember also provides an additional mount for BMR's other suspension components, such as the company's Torque Arm Suspension Kit, and comes in your choice of black or red powdercoating.

What if fits: First-gen Camaro
What it is: T56 six-speed crossmember
What it costs: $340
Where to get it: 813.986.9302 bmrfabrication

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Solid Rear To Go
Many hardcore drag-happy enthusiasts have moved past the strength and reliability of 12-bolt rearends. The S60 from Strange Engineering was designed for the intense demands of today's muscle cars and to readily accept Dana 60 components. Inside, the 9.750-inch ring gear was built to endure massive amounts of abuse at a fraction of the price and uses 35-spline Strange axles. It weighs just 15 pounds more than a 9-inch and a mere 20 pounds more than a comparable aftermarket 12-bolt. The S60 is available as a bare rearend that's ready for a custom fit or as a completely finished bolt-in unit with Lucas oil fluids.

What if fits: A-body, late-model F-body
What it is: S60 rearend
What it costs: $1,895
Where to get it: 847.663.1701 strangeeng.net

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Stiff Competition
Imagine turning your aging muscle car into a modern canyon ripper or track demon. This kit from Detroit Speed & Engineering is exclusive for A-body Chevelles and available in three packages (Speed Kit 1, 2, and 3). Each kit comes with DSE's forged spindle, DSE's tubular upper and lower control arms, shocks, springs, and sway bar. Upgrades include coilover springs, a splined sway bar, a 600 steering gear with a rag joint, tubular tie rod adjusters, and inner and outer tie rod ends with an idler arm. For the rear, patented Swivel Links are used instead of Heim joints to allow for full articulation without sacrificing traction. Upgrades include rear coilover shocks and springs, and a tubular sway bar.

What it fits: '64-72 Chevelle
What it is: Complete front and rear suspension
What it costs: $2,315 and up (front); $960 and up (rear)
Where to get it: 704.662.3272 detroitspeed.com

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Good Looks
If you're looking for the ultimate muscle car tire, then check out Coker Tire's latest BFGoodrich Wide Profile whiteline radial tires. These tires combine the classic BFGoodrich V-Block tread pattern with the distinctive appearance of a redline sidewall. Currently available sizes are P215/70R14, P215/70R15, and P225/70R15. And if you didn't already know this, Coker also offers complete wheel and tire packages for many applications.

What if fits: Everything with wheels
What it is: Modern tire with an old-school look
What it costs: Starts at $195 (per tire)
Where to get it: 800.251.6336 cokertire.com


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