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31 Trick Goodies For Your Camaro, Chevelle & Nova

0910chp_16_z 31_hot_chevy_camaro_chevelle_nova_bolt_ons Hydroboost_kit 2/32

Stomping Power
Underhood space scarce? Performance Online's Hydroboost Kit will eliminate the need for a power booster. The kit utilizes hydraulic pressure built from the power steering pump to generate the extra "boosted" pressure to apply the brakes and can create 1,200 to 2,000 psi. Each Hydroboost Kit can also use stainless braided lines or even the rubber type and comes with a one-year warranty.

What it fits: Any master cylinder with 15/16- to 1 5/8-inch bore size
What it is: Hydroboost power brakes
What it costs: $459 and up
Where to get it: 800.638.1703 performanceonline.com

0910chp_17_z 31_hot_chevy_camaro_chevelle_nova_bolt_ons Aftermarket_exhaust_system 3/32

Pype Line
Shelling out loads of cash isn't any fun, but you can still free up some extra ponies on the budget by upgrading from the restrictive or leaking factory exhaust system. Pypes Exhaust has a complete system to fit '62-79 Novas that utilizes a custom-fit Siamese X-pipe with performance matched mufflers and tailpipes. The mandrel-bent 2 1/2-inch pieces are fabricated from 409 stainless and come with the clamps, hangars, and a lifetime warranty. No special tools are required either.

What it fits: '62-79 Nova
What it is: Complete exhaust system
What it costs: $379
Where to get it: 800.421.3890 pypesexhaust.com

0910chp_18_z 31_hot_chevy_camaro_chevelle_nova_bolt_ons Gloves 4/32

Digit Guards
It's either hot, sharp, slippery, or irritating. Yeah, anything can be hazardous to your hands when you're under the hood or under the car between blasting through rounds at the track. The Mechanix Wear M-Pact Glove lends protection to the hands but especially to the knuckles through an anatomically engineered rubber top. Tapered finger stretch side panels and a Spandex stretch panel for the thumb allow for ample finger comfort. Grip is enhanced through rubberized pads on the thumb and fingertips. These are available in black, blue, yellow, or red.

What it fits: Your hands
What it is: Grip technology
What it costs: $37
Where to get it: 800.222.4296 mechanix.com

0910chp_19_z 31_hot_chevy_camaro_chevelle_nova_bolt_ons Throttle_pedal_actuation 5/32

Throttle Down
Nothing gets the blood boiling like having sloppy throttle pedal actuation or having your foot slip off under hard acceleration or braking. Lokar's throttle cable system is a direct replacement for A-body Chevelles. It eliminates the factory rod linkage and mounts in the original firewall location. The arms are splined for fine adjustment and can be switched for right or left adjustment of the throttle pad. For the brake pads, Lokar adds a curved pedal designed with hidden screws. Both pads (throttle and brake) are available in a black or brushed finish.

What it fits: '64-67 Chevelle
What it is: Throttle pedal assemblies and pedal pads
What it costs: $65 and up
Where to get it: 877.469.7440 lokar.com

0910chp_20_z 31_hot_chevy_camaro_chevelle_nova_bolt_ons Drag_racing_tires 6/32

Steam Rollers
If you want the all-around stickiness of a drag tire with the everyday drivability of a street tire, than the Toyo Proxes TQ is the answer. The tire construction allows for a large, consistent contact patch between the tire and the ground. It has a dual-purpose, low-void, asymmetric tread design with a semi-slick inner area to improve traction. For the street, the variable-pitch outer area of the tread pattern even reduces noise. Currently available sizes are P255/50R16, P275/45R16, P27540R17, and P345/40R17.

What if fits: 16- to 18-inch rims
What it is: Street-legal drag radial
What it costs: Call for pricing
Where to get it: Local tire distributors toyotires.com

0910chp_21_z 31_hot_chevy_camaro_chevelle_nova_bolt_ons Rack_and_pinion 7/32

No cutting, drilling, or welding. Impossible, you say? Flaming River's new rack-and-pinion cradle system for small-block second-gen Camaros is a direct bolt-in replacement. Not only does it stiffen the front subframe, but it uses a travel bar that's designed to position the steering pivot points to the original location for a factory turning radius. It also uses the stock tie rods to connect the travel bar to the spindles, and the cradle is available for manual or power steering. The powered versions come with a Stage II pump and pulley and remote billet fluid reservoir kit.

What it fits: '70-81 Camaro
What it is: Rack-and-pinion cradle for small-block
What it costs: $1,550 for manual with tilt; $1,950 for power with tilt
Where to get it: 800.648.8022 flamingriver.com


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