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31 Trick Goodies For Your Camaro, Chevelle & Nova

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Carbon Goodness
Striving to expand its line of second-gen Camaro products, Anvil now offers a carbon fiber version of the factory "flat" hood. In order to move more quickly on getting parts to market, Anvil turned to one of its dealers, Custom Works, to provide an original hood, which Anvil blocked out to use as a pattern in order to create the mold. The result is a hood that fits as well as the original factory piece with less than half the weight, while providing the look only carbon fiber can offer. You also get your choice of glossy or satin finish.

What it fits: '70-81 second-gen Camaros
What it is: Carbon fiber hood
What it costs: $875 for carbon fiber top only; $1,750 for 100% carbon fiber
Where to get it: 888.723.8882 anvilauto.com

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Turning Thrust
Steering column swaps don't have to be labor-intensive. The Camaro column kit from ididit requires no modifications to install, and the original '69 Camaro steering wheel is a direct fit. For comfort, the column tilts in eight positions, and dimmer/wiper stalks can be added as options. The necessary four-way flasher wires are included for '67-68 models, and the columns come in either a floor-shift or column-shift configuration. All columns are available in paintable steel, chrome, or black powdercoating.

What it fits: '67-69 Camaro, '67-68 Chevelle
What it is: Tilt steering column
What it costs: $397
Where to get it: 517.424.0577 ididitinc.com

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Box To Go
It's possible to stiffen the front-end assemblies on early box Novas. Classic Performance Products (CPP) has an all-in-one kit that adds stability and alignability and improves steering response. CPP begins with two one-piece, 1 1/4-inch, 0.120-inch wall tubular lower control arms and a simple bolt-in 1/4-inch-thick steel crossmember with forward mounting. The strut-rod-eliminating crossmember bolts into the chassis in place of the factory strut mounts. Four alignment cams kits are included along with Grade 8 hardware and CPP's low-friction bushings and premium ball joints.

What it fits: '62-67 Nova
What it is: Mini subframe kit
What it costs: $400
Where to get it: 800.522.5004 classicperform.com

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Iron Slab
Building a competent street motor that will live is no problem with Dart's Special High Performance lineup. These short-block assemblies are dyno-proven to produce solid power at a reasonable cost. Dart begins with its iron block with a 4.125-inch bore with your choice of a 3.48- or 3.75-inch stroke for either a 372ci or 400ci motor. Both versions come internally balanced with 4340 steel I-beam rods and hypereutectic flat-top pistons. For a one-stop shop, Dart also offers a full line of small-block top-end assemblies, also including Dart's complete iron or aluminum cylinder heads, manifold, and gaskets.

What it fits: Any street machine
What it is: Short-block assemblies for small- and big-blocks
What it costs: $2,975
Where to get it: 248.362.1188 dartheads.com

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Late-Model Tubes
Stainless Works is astir with aftermarket goodies for the '10 Camaro, and the company has proven it with exhaust components that garner an additional 26 hp and 16 lb-ft for the already remarkable 6.2L monster. SW's 304 CNC mandrel-bent long-tube headers are available in 1 7/8- or 2-inch diameter primaries with 3-inch slip fit connectors. For mass flow and a complete kit, pair SW's headers with 3-inch dual catbacks with chambered Turbo mufflers. Of course, clamps and hangers are included along with 4-inch slash-cut SS tips.

What if fits: '10 Camaro SS
What it is: Long-tube headers
What it costs: $990 and up
Where to get it: 800.878.3635 stainlessworks.net

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Tough Enough
Need a piston to withstand the brutal punishment and pounding from a highly boosted or nitrous-fed LS7 application? JE has designed a piston specifically to do that. The forged-side relief (FSR) technology allows for both a lighter and stronger forging than the traditional "full round" piston. This allows the pistons to have a smaller skirt, which helps reduce friction and increase output. The slugs weigh in at a brisk 434 grams and include stiff 2.250-inch wristpins with machined ring grooves.

What it fits: LS7
What it is: Forged deep-dish pistons
What it costs: $819 for a set with rings and locks
Where to get it: 714.898.9763 jepistons.com


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