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31 Trick Goodies For Your Camaro, Chevelle & Nova

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Prioritize Space
When running a big-block or even a small-block in A-body Chevelles, space is limited to a certain degree. The low-profile design of the Alan Grove Components (AGC) brackets mount the alternator and steering pump on small- or big-blocks that run the shorter water pump. The kit can be used with exhaust manifolds, most headers, and tall valve covers with or without the AGC air conditioner bracket. All brackets are furnished with the necessary hardware and detailed instructions.

What if fits: '64-68 Chevelle/El Camino
What it is: Low-profile front bracket system
What it costs: $88
Where to get it: 913.837.4368 agcbracket.com

0910chp_11_z 31_hot_chevy_camaro_chevelle_nova_bolt_ons Turbo_350_transmission 3/32

Factory Transition
Enthusiasts love the look of factory-correct pieces. Ground Up took notice and is making its factory shifter and consoles available for Camaros and Chevelles that use the Turbo 350 or 400 transmission. Everything needed to replace or add an original-style shifter is supplied with each kit, including the staple-style shifter assembly, cable, brackets, and hardware-for a complete installation.

What if fits: '68-72 Camaro and Chevelle
What it is: Console shifter kit for TH350/400
What it costs: $199
Where to get it: 866.358.2277 ss396.com

0910chp_12_z 31_hot_chevy_camaro_chevelle_nova_bolt_ons Rubber_pads 4/32

Step Right
It's almost a shame to step on such pieces of machined art, but take pride when actuating the throttle, brakes, or clutch. Clayton Machine Works pedal assemblies are machined from forged aluminum and are a direct bolt-in. Developed in conjunction with Detroit Speed & Engineering and Wilson Muscle Cars, the assemblies are available for either manual or automatic and come with dimpled rubber pads and all the hardware needed for installation.

What it fits: First-gen Camaro, Chevelle, and Nova
What it is: Manual or automatic pedal assemblies
What it costs: $425 for automatic; $575 for manual
Where to get it: 259.489.2450 claytonmachine.com

0910chp_13_z 31_hot_chevy_camaro_chevelle_nova_bolt_ons Steering_arm 5/32

Stance Transformation
Our factory stock sleds of yesteryear don't handle nearly as well as most vehicles today, however with the simple addition of a G-Tech 2-inch drop spindle from Fat Man Fabrications - they can. Not only will the vehicle's center of gravity be lowered, but the upper ball joint is raised 2 inches to obtain the camber curve necessary for sticky wide meats. Even the steering arm position has been maximized to eliminate bumpsteer and will also support stock control arms or Fat Man's tubular versions.

What if fits: '67-81 Camaro, '64-87 Chevelle, '68-79 Nova
What it is: 2-inch drop spindle
What it costs: $299 (pair)
Where to get it: 704.545.0369 fatmanfab.com

0910chp_14_z 31_hot_chevy_camaro_chevelle_nova_bolt_ons Adjustable_control_arms 6/32

A sloppy rearend can make a mess out of any driving situation. Luckily an upgrade to a pair of new rear adjustable controls arms can get things straightened out. Unlike the factory pieces, PMT control arms are built from mild DOM steel tubing, are laser cut, and have boxed housing ends. They also come with a durable powdercoat in your choice of red, black, silver, or blue at no extra charge. Colored bushings and sway bar provisions are also available upon request at no charge; however, adding adjustable upper rear arms is a $50 upgrade. The trailing arms, mounts, and braces are all available as one complete kit.

What if fits: A-body Chevelle
What it is: Rear trailing arms
What it costs: $430
Where to get it: 214.592.2308 pmtfabrication.com

0910chp_15_z 31_hot_chevy_camaro_chevelle_nova_bolt_ons Ls_powerplant 7/32

Head Gear
In the world of high performance there's nothing like the traditional small-block. However, mate it to the technology of today's LS powerplant and you have one tough cookie. Starting with a 9.240-inch-deck-height World Products block, The Engine Shop adds 4340 forged rods, a crankshaft, and forged pistons and seals them with a pair of CNC-ported Warhawk 12-degree LS7 cylinder heads. An LS-manifold tops the build to create 10.25:1 compression, which is good for 680 hp.

What it fits: Every street and track machine
What it is: Motown LS 427
What it costs: $15,000
Where to get it: 631.737.0372 theengineshop.com


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