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31 Hot Chevy Camaro, Chevelle & Nova Bolt-Ons - Hot Stuff

31 Trick Goodies For Your Camaro, Chevelle & Nova

There's no denying that our industry has some of the most innovative engineers and designers, along with savvy enthusiasts, who are constantly dreaming up new things for our favorite street machines. Whether you're looking for something shiny to accentuate the exterior or something to improve the handling, it's out there. And if you're looking for added grunt to get down the 1320, then all you need to do is ask yourself how much will be enough to satiate your appetite.

This month we invaded the secret skunkworks of various manufacturers and scooped out 31 of the coolest parts we came across. It's here you're going to find the products for your favorite hot rod that resulted from these creative minds, including engine bolt-ons for any number of small- and big-block combinations. And for those of you lucky enough to be sporting a new '10 Camaro, we've got you covered too.-Henry D

Quick Notes
What We Did
Got the inside scoop on the latest bolt-ons

Bottom Line
There's something here to fit every budget

Cost (Approx)
$37 and up

0910chp_01_z 31_hot_chevy_camaro_chevelle_nova_bolt_ons Cylinder_head 2/32

If you're building a small-block with 400 ci or more, or a very aggressive smaller-displacement combination, then AFR's latest 235cc offering is going to take your breath away. The new cylinder head is a direct bolt-on, standard-port-height, 23-degree piece that flows over 340 cfm on the intake and nearly 260 cfm on the exhaust side, rivaling many raised-runner 18-degree cylinder heads! The new 235 has the exact same geometry and valve location as AFR's popular 227 head but is fitted with slightly larger 2.125-inch intake valves, a 1.600-inch exhaust, and what AFR claims is a level of port refinement never seen before in an affordable production piece. Standard chamber volumes are 70 or 80 cc, but AFR can mill them anywhere in between and also as small as 60 cc with an angle mill. These heads are certain to set the bar a few rungs higher for 23-degree performance, and the other good news is that if you already own AFR's previous-generation 227 or the new Eliminator 227, all your valvetrain components will be a direct swap.

What it fits: Small-block mills
What it is: 23 cylinder heads
What it costs: $2,225
Where to get it: 877.235.4466

0910chp_02_z 31_hot_chevy_camaro_chevelle_nova_bolt_ons Fuel_injection_tuning 3/32

Fuel injection tuning no longer has to be completed via a laptop computer. Edelbrock's newly refined fuel injection kit delivers more user-friendly capabilities with improved mileage potential. The Pro-Flo XT not only comes with a handheld calibration module for on-the-fly calibration, but the ECU is more powerful and features fully sequential injection. Also included is the intake manifold loaded with a 90mm throttle body along with the wiring harness, all electronic sensors, fuel system components, injectors, fuel rails, and software.

What it fits: Small- or big-blocks and LS1
What it is: Complete fuel injection system
What it costs: $4,000
Where to get it: 310.781.2222

0910chp_03_z 31_hot_chevy_camaro_chevelle_nova_bolt_ons Brake_calipers 4/32

Better Binders
Upgrading to a larger set of brakes should leave the option for visiting the local auto parts store for replacement items. Conversely, if your ride is still rolling on the factory four-wheel drums, this is the kit for you. McGaughy's 2-inch drop spindles are CNC-machined, and the 13-inch GM cross-drilled rotor kits are all off-the-shelf GM components. The kit comes with everything from calipers, brackets, bearings, and hubs right down to dust caps and cotter pins.

What it fits: '67-81 Camaro, '64-72 Chevelle, '68-74 Nova
What it is: Big front brake kit
What it costs: $849 with spindles
Where to get it: 559.226.8196

0910chp_04_z 31_hot_chevy_camaro_chevelle_nova_bolt_ons Chevy_camaro 5/32

Carbon Goodness
Striving to expand its line of second-gen Camaro products, Anvil now offers a carbon fiber version of the factory "flat" hood. In order to move more quickly on getting parts to market, Anvil turned to one of its dealers, Custom Works, to provide an original hood, which Anvil blocked out to use as a pattern in order to create the mold. The result is a hood that fits as well as the original factory piece with less than half the weight, while providing the look only carbon fiber can offer. You also get your choice of glossy or satin finish.

What it fits: '70-81 second-gen Camaros
What it is: Carbon fiber hood
What it costs: $875 for carbon fiber top only; $1,750 for 100% carbon fiber
Where to get it: 888.723.8882

0910chp_05_z 31_hot_chevy_camaro_chevelle_nova_bolt_ons Steering_column_swap 6/32

Turning Thrust
Steering column swaps don't have to be labor-intensive. The Camaro column kit from ididit requires no modifications to install, and the original '69 Camaro steering wheel is a direct fit. For comfort, the column tilts in eight positions, and dimmer/wiper stalks can be added as options. The necessary four-way flasher wires are included for '67-68 models, and the columns come in either a floor-shift or column-shift configuration. All columns are available in paintable steel, chrome, or black powdercoating.

What it fits: '67-69 Camaro, '67-68 Chevelle
What it is: Tilt steering column
What it costs: $397
Where to get it: 517.424.0577

0910chp_06_z 31_hot_chevy_camaro_chevelle_nova_bolt_ons Improved_steering_responce 7/32

Box To Go
It's possible to stiffen the front-end assemblies on early box Novas. Classic Performance Products (CPP) has an all-in-one kit that adds stability and alignability and improves steering response. CPP begins with two one-piece, 1 1/4-inch, 0.120-inch wall tubular lower control arms and a simple bolt-in 1/4-inch-thick steel crossmember with forward mounting. The strut-rod-eliminating crossmember bolts into the chassis in place of the factory strut mounts. Four alignment cams kits are included along with Grade 8 hardware and CPP's low-friction bushings and premium ball joints.

What it fits: '62-67 Nova
What it is: Mini subframe kit
What it costs: $400
Where to get it: 800.522.5004

0910chp_07_z 31_hot_chevy_camaro_chevelle_nova_bolt_ons Cylinder_heads 8/32

Iron Slab
Building a competent street motor that will live is no problem with Dart's Special High Performance lineup. These short-block assemblies are dyno-proven to produce solid power at a reasonable cost. Dart begins with its iron block with a 4.125-inch bore with your choice of a 3.48- or 3.75-inch stroke for either a 372ci or 400ci motor. Both versions come internally balanced with 4340 steel I-beam rods and hypereutectic flat-top pistons. For a one-stop shop, Dart also offers a full line of small-block top-end assemblies, also including Dart's complete iron or aluminum cylinder heads, manifold, and gaskets.

What it fits: Any street machine
What it is: Short-block assemblies for small- and big-blocks
What it costs: $2,975
Where to get it: 248.362.1188

0910chp_08_z 31_hot_chevy_camaro_chevelle_nova_bolt_ons Exhaust_components 9/32

Late-Model Tubes
Stainless Works is astir with aftermarket goodies for the '10 Camaro, and the company has proven it with exhaust components that garner an additional 26 hp and 16 lb-ft for the already remarkable 6.2L monster. SW's 304 CNC mandrel-bent long-tube headers are available in 1 7/8- or 2-inch diameter primaries with 3-inch slip fit connectors. For mass flow and a complete kit, pair SW's headers with 3-inch dual catbacks with chambered Turbo mufflers. Of course, clamps and hangers are included along with 4-inch slash-cut SS tips.

What if fits: '10 Camaro SS
What it is: Long-tube headers
What it costs: $990 and up
Where to get it: 800.878.3635

0910chp_09_z 31_hot_chevy_camaro_chevelle_nova_bolt_ons Machined_ring_grooves 10/32

Tough Enough
Need a piston to withstand the brutal punishment and pounding from a highly boosted or nitrous-fed LS7 application? JE has designed a piston specifically to do that. The forged-side relief (FSR) technology allows for both a lighter and stronger forging than the traditional "full round" piston. This allows the pistons to have a smaller skirt, which helps reduce friction and increase output. The slugs weigh in at a brisk 434 grams and include stiff 2.250-inch wristpins with machined ring grooves.

What it fits: LS7
What it is: Forged deep-dish pistons
What it costs: $819 for a set with rings and locks
Where to get it: 714.898.9763

0910chp_10_z 31_hot_chevy_camaro_chevelle_nova_bolt_ons Water_pump 11/32

Prioritize Space
When running a big-block or even a small-block in A-body Chevelles, space is limited to a certain degree. The low-profile design of the Alan Grove Components (AGC) brackets mount the alternator and steering pump on small- or big-blocks that run the shorter water pump. The kit can be used with exhaust manifolds, most headers, and tall valve covers with or without the AGC air conditioner bracket. All brackets are furnished with the necessary hardware and detailed instructions.

What if fits: '64-68 Chevelle/El Camino
What it is: Low-profile front bracket system
What it costs: $88
Where to get it: 913.837.4368

0910chp_11_z 31_hot_chevy_camaro_chevelle_nova_bolt_ons Turbo_350_transmission 12/32

Factory Transition
Enthusiasts love the look of factory-correct pieces. Ground Up took notice and is making its factory shifter and consoles available for Camaros and Chevelles that use the Turbo 350 or 400 transmission. Everything needed to replace or add an original-style shifter is supplied with each kit, including the staple-style shifter assembly, cable, brackets, and hardware-for a complete installation.

What if fits: '68-72 Camaro and Chevelle
What it is: Console shifter kit for TH350/400
What it costs: $199
Where to get it: 866.358.2277

0910chp_12_z 31_hot_chevy_camaro_chevelle_nova_bolt_ons Rubber_pads 13/32

Step Right
It's almost a shame to step on such pieces of machined art, but take pride when actuating the throttle, brakes, or clutch. Clayton Machine Works pedal assemblies are machined from forged aluminum and are a direct bolt-in. Developed in conjunction with Detroit Speed & Engineering and Wilson Muscle Cars, the assemblies are available for either manual or automatic and come with dimpled rubber pads and all the hardware needed for installation.

What it fits: First-gen Camaro, Chevelle, and Nova
What it is: Manual or automatic pedal assemblies
What it costs: $425 for automatic; $575 for manual
Where to get it: 259.489.2450

0910chp_13_z 31_hot_chevy_camaro_chevelle_nova_bolt_ons Steering_arm 14/32

Stance Transformation
Our factory stock sleds of yesteryear don't handle nearly as well as most vehicles today, however with the simple addition of a G-Tech 2-inch drop spindle from Fat Man Fabrications - they can. Not only will the vehicle's center of gravity be lowered, but the upper ball joint is raised 2 inches to obtain the camber curve necessary for sticky wide meats. Even the steering arm position has been maximized to eliminate bumpsteer and will also support stock control arms or Fat Man's tubular versions.

What if fits: '67-81 Camaro, '64-87 Chevelle, '68-79 Nova
What it is: 2-inch drop spindle
What it costs: $299 (pair)
Where to get it: 704.545.0369

0910chp_14_z 31_hot_chevy_camaro_chevelle_nova_bolt_ons Adjustable_control_arms 15/32

A sloppy rearend can make a mess out of any driving situation. Luckily an upgrade to a pair of new rear adjustable controls arms can get things straightened out. Unlike the factory pieces, PMT control arms are built from mild DOM steel tubing, are laser cut, and have boxed housing ends. They also come with a durable powdercoat in your choice of red, black, silver, or blue at no extra charge. Colored bushings and sway bar provisions are also available upon request at no charge; however, adding adjustable upper rear arms is a $50 upgrade. The trailing arms, mounts, and braces are all available as one complete kit.

What if fits: A-body Chevelle
What it is: Rear trailing arms
What it costs: $430
Where to get it: 214.592.2308

0910chp_15_z 31_hot_chevy_camaro_chevelle_nova_bolt_ons Ls_powerplant 16/32

Head Gear
In the world of high performance there's nothing like the traditional small-block. However, mate it to the technology of today's LS powerplant and you have one tough cookie. Starting with a 9.240-inch-deck-height World Products block, The Engine Shop adds 4340 forged rods, a crankshaft, and forged pistons and seals them with a pair of CNC-ported Warhawk 12-degree LS7 cylinder heads. An LS-manifold tops the build to create 10.25:1 compression, which is good for 680 hp.

What it fits: Every street and track machine
What it is: Motown LS 427
What it costs: $15,000
Where to get it: 631.737.0372

0910chp_16_z 31_hot_chevy_camaro_chevelle_nova_bolt_ons Hydroboost_kit 17/32

Stomping Power
Underhood space scarce? Performance Online's Hydroboost Kit will eliminate the need for a power booster. The kit utilizes hydraulic pressure built from the power steering pump to generate the extra "boosted" pressure to apply the brakes and can create 1,200 to 2,000 psi. Each Hydroboost Kit can also use stainless braided lines or even the rubber type and comes with a one-year warranty.

What it fits: Any master cylinder with 15/16- to 1 5/8-inch bore size
What it is: Hydroboost power brakes
What it costs: $459 and up
Where to get it: 800.638.1703

0910chp_17_z 31_hot_chevy_camaro_chevelle_nova_bolt_ons Aftermarket_exhaust_system 18/32

Pype Line
Shelling out loads of cash isn't any fun, but you can still free up some extra ponies on the budget by upgrading from the restrictive or leaking factory exhaust system. Pypes Exhaust has a complete system to fit '62-79 Novas that utilizes a custom-fit Siamese X-pipe with performance matched mufflers and tailpipes. The mandrel-bent 2 1/2-inch pieces are fabricated from 409 stainless and come with the clamps, hangars, and a lifetime warranty. No special tools are required either.

What it fits: '62-79 Nova
What it is: Complete exhaust system
What it costs: $379
Where to get it: 800.421.3890

0910chp_18_z 31_hot_chevy_camaro_chevelle_nova_bolt_ons Gloves 19/32

Digit Guards
It's either hot, sharp, slippery, or irritating. Yeah, anything can be hazardous to your hands when you're under the hood or under the car between blasting through rounds at the track. The Mechanix Wear M-Pact Glove lends protection to the hands but especially to the knuckles through an anatomically engineered rubber top. Tapered finger stretch side panels and a Spandex stretch panel for the thumb allow for ample finger comfort. Grip is enhanced through rubberized pads on the thumb and fingertips. These are available in black, blue, yellow, or red.

What it fits: Your hands
What it is: Grip technology
What it costs: $37
Where to get it: 800.222.4296

0910chp_19_z 31_hot_chevy_camaro_chevelle_nova_bolt_ons Throttle_pedal_actuation 20/32

Throttle Down
Nothing gets the blood boiling like having sloppy throttle pedal actuation or having your foot slip off under hard acceleration or braking. Lokar's throttle cable system is a direct replacement for A-body Chevelles. It eliminates the factory rod linkage and mounts in the original firewall location. The arms are splined for fine adjustment and can be switched for right or left adjustment of the throttle pad. For the brake pads, Lokar adds a curved pedal designed with hidden screws. Both pads (throttle and brake) are available in a black or brushed finish.

What it fits: '64-67 Chevelle
What it is: Throttle pedal assemblies and pedal pads
What it costs: $65 and up
Where to get it: 877.469.7440

0910chp_20_z 31_hot_chevy_camaro_chevelle_nova_bolt_ons Drag_racing_tires 21/32

Steam Rollers
If you want the all-around stickiness of a drag tire with the everyday drivability of a street tire, than the Toyo Proxes TQ is the answer. The tire construction allows for a large, consistent contact patch between the tire and the ground. It has a dual-purpose, low-void, asymmetric tread design with a semi-slick inner area to improve traction. For the street, the variable-pitch outer area of the tread pattern even reduces noise. Currently available sizes are P255/50R16, P275/45R16, P27540R17, and P345/40R17.

What if fits: 16- to 18-inch rims
What it is: Street-legal drag radial
What it costs: Call for pricing
Where to get it: Local tire distributors

0910chp_21_z 31_hot_chevy_camaro_chevelle_nova_bolt_ons Rack_and_pinion 22/32

No cutting, drilling, or welding. Impossible, you say? Flaming River's new rack-and-pinion cradle system for small-block second-gen Camaros is a direct bolt-in replacement. Not only does it stiffen the front subframe, but it uses a travel bar that's designed to position the steering pivot points to the original location for a factory turning radius. It also uses the stock tie rods to connect the travel bar to the spindles, and the cradle is available for manual or power steering. The powered versions come with a Stage II pump and pulley and remote billet fluid reservoir kit.

What it fits: '70-81 Camaro
What it is: Rack-and-pinion cradle for small-block
What it costs: $1,550 for manual with tilt; $1,950 for power with tilt
Where to get it: 800.648.8022

0910chp_22_z 31_hot_chevy_camaro_chevelle_nova_bolt_ons Chevy_ls_engine 23/32

Full Tilt
It's no doubt the LS-series engines are a true out-of-the-box performer. The LS motors seem to share almost bulletproof qualities in the rotating and valvetrain assembly. When it comes to all-out drag or open track racing though, stiffening up the rocker-arm flex and stabilizing those actions is critical. Comp Cams' trunion upgrade is a direct OEM replacement with stiffer, more durable 8620 steel alloy. Needle bearings are replaced with caged roller bearings to increase rigidity, and they comply with drag racing classes where stock components are mandated.

What it fits: LS1
What it is: Factory rocker arm upgrade
What it costs: $135
Where to get it: 800.999.0853

0910chp_23_z 31_hot_chevy_camaro_chevelle_nova_bolt_ons Full_nitrous_system 24/32

Six Equals Eight
Wringing out power from the Camaro's new direct-injected V-6 is cake. It already spits out 300 hp from the factory and runs consistent 14-sec time slips. However, the power-hungry techs at Zex have designed a full nitrous system that turns the six cylinders into eight with the flick of a switch and stab at the throttle. Operating safely was a must, and with Active Fuel Control, the system automatically adjusts fuel delivery with changes in bottle pressure. The system will only activate under wide open throttle and is adjustable from 55 to 100 additional ponies.

What if fits: '10 V-6 Camaro
What it is: Nitrous system
What it costs: Starting at $682
Where to get it: 888.817.1008

0910chp_24_z 31_hot_chevy_camaro_chevelle_nova_bolt_ons Steering_conversion_kit 25/32

Steering Diet
Shedding weight while at the same time freeing up additional power is what it's all about. Borgeson's steering conversion kit will make your sled a bit quicker by trimming up to 28 pounds from the front end while also unleashing parasitic loss in the accessories drive. The kit comes with a GM 525 steering box, a pitman arm, and a half-rag joint to connect to the stock column. All kits are built in the USA and come with a three-year warranty.

What if fits: '70-92 Camaro, '64-72 Chevelle, '78-88 Malibu, '75-79 Nova
What it does: Converts power steering to manual
What it costs: $514
Where to get it: 860.482.8283

0910chp_25_z 31_hot_chevy_camaro_chevelle_nova_bolt_ons Fuel_economy 26/32

Gear Spread
Supporting up to 850 hp in a six-speed is not easy. Somehow TCI has managed to squeeze more gears, longevity, and user-friendliness into a super package for the street or strip. The six forward gears (2.97, 2.31, 1.57, 1.18, 1.00, 0.75) are fully programmable and allow for quicker acceleration and increased fuel economy. A paddle shifter is optional for manual mode-gear selection. The 4L80E case is coated for cooler operating temps and is self-contained, which all but eliminates problems with external bolt-on overdrives. The complete TCI drivetrain package includes the transmission, control unit, paddle shift, wiring harness, cooler, and dipstick.

What if fits: Any street machine with a small- or big-block and LS powerplants
What it is: Six-speed automatic transmission
What it costs: $5,795 kit; $4,446 transmission only
Where to get it: 888.776.9824

0910chp_26_z 31_hot_chevy_camaro_chevelle_nova_bolt_ons Fiberglass_hood 27/32

Flip Your Lid
Harwood's Pro Touring Series hoods allow for a 2 1/2-inch cowl and great modern looks to go along with it. Harwood offers a traditional bolt-on version that is fully finished underneath, bolts directly to the factory hinges and latches, and also includes a custom trim bezel for the scoop inlet.

What if fits: '67-92 Camaro, '70-72 Chevelle, '81-88 Monte Carlo, '68-74 Nova
What it is: Fiberglass hood
What it costs: $595
Where to get it: 800.822.3392

0910chp_27_z 31_hot_chevy_camaro_chevelle_nova_bolt_ons Cylinder_heads 28/32

Monster flow
Getting the most flow out of your big-block cylinder heads is easy. How does a 339cc intake port or even a 376cc runner sound? RHS designed these 24-degree heads with the all-out drag racer in mind. The 339cc intake valves are 2.250 inches, while the 376cc versions come with 2.300. They share 1.880-inch exhaust valves, multiangle intakes, and radiused exhaust valve seats for added flow. For maximum atomization and velocity, both intake and exhaust ports are CNC-ported, as are the 121cc combustion chambers, which eliminates improper port-to-chamber transitions. Hotspots that occur in the chambers are all but eliminated through a refined path in the water jackets.

What if fits: Big-block Chevy
What it is: CNC ported big-block cylinder head
What it costs: $1,279 each for 339cc and 376cc
Where to get it: 877.776.4323

0910chp_29_z 31_hot_chevy_camaro_chevelle_nova_bolt_ons Driveline_technology 29/32

Easy Swap
BMR Fabrication brings late-model driveline technology to first-gen F-bodies with a T56 six-speed conversion crossmember. These are constructed from 1.25- and 1.625-inch DOM tubing with CNC laser-cut mounting plates. The transmission conversion crossmember also provides an additional mount for BMR's other suspension components, such as the company's Torque Arm Suspension Kit, and comes in your choice of black or red powdercoating.

What if fits: First-gen Camaro
What it is: T56 six-speed crossmember
What it costs: $340
Where to get it: 813.986.9302 bmrfabrication

0910chp_30_z 31_hot_chevy_camaro_chevelle_nova_bolt_ons Muscle_car 30/32

Solid Rear To Go
Many hardcore drag-happy enthusiasts have moved past the strength and reliability of 12-bolt rearends. The S60 from Strange Engineering was designed for the intense demands of today's muscle cars and to readily accept Dana 60 components. Inside, the 9.750-inch ring gear was built to endure massive amounts of abuse at a fraction of the price and uses 35-spline Strange axles. It weighs just 15 pounds more than a 9-inch and a mere 20 pounds more than a comparable aftermarket 12-bolt. The S60 is available as a bare rearend that's ready for a custom fit or as a completely finished bolt-in unit with Lucas oil fluids.

What if fits: A-body, late-model F-body
What it is: S60 rearend
What it costs: $1,895
Where to get it: 847.663.1701

0910chp_31_z 31_hot_chevy_camaro_chevelle_nova_bolt_ons Coilover_springs 31/32

Stiff Competition
Imagine turning your aging muscle car into a modern canyon ripper or track demon. This kit from Detroit Speed & Engineering is exclusive for A-body Chevelles and available in three packages (Speed Kit 1, 2, and 3). Each kit comes with DSE's forged spindle, DSE's tubular upper and lower control arms, shocks, springs, and sway bar. Upgrades include coilover springs, a splined sway bar, a 600 steering gear with a rag joint, tubular tie rod adjusters, and inner and outer tie rod ends with an idler arm. For the rear, patented Swivel Links are used instead of Heim joints to allow for full articulation without sacrificing traction. Upgrades include rear coilover shocks and springs, and a tubular sway bar.

What it fits: '64-72 Chevelle
What it is: Complete front and rear suspension
What it costs: $2,315 and up (front); $960 and up (rear)
Where to get it: 704.662.3272

0910chp_28_z 31_hot_chevy_camaro_chevelle_nova_bolt_ons Muscle_car_tires 32/32

Good Looks
If you're looking for the ultimate muscle car tire, then check out Coker Tire's latest BFGoodrich Wide Profile whiteline radial tires. These tires combine the classic BFGoodrich V-Block tread pattern with the distinctive appearance of a redline sidewall. Currently available sizes are P215/70R14, P215/70R15, and P225/70R15. And if you didn't already know this, Coker also offers complete wheel and tire packages for many applications.

What if fits: Everything with wheels
What it is: Modern tire with an old-school look
What it costs: Starts at $195 (per tire)
Where to get it: 800.251.6336



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