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31 Trick Goodies For Your Camaro, Chevelle & Nova

There's no denying that our industry has some of the most innovative engineers and designers, along with savvy enthusiasts, who are constantly dreaming up new things for our favorite street machines. Whether you're looking for something shiny to accentuate the exterior or something to improve the handling, it's out there. And if you're looking for added grunt to get down the 1320, then all you need to do is ask yourself how much will be enough to satiate your appetite.

This month we invaded the secret skunkworks of various manufacturers and scooped out 31 of the coolest parts we came across. It's here you're going to find the products for your favorite hot rod that resulted from these creative minds, including engine bolt-ons for any number of small- and big-block combinations. And for those of you lucky enough to be sporting a new '10 Camaro, we've got you covered too.-Henry D

Quick Notes
What We Did
Got the inside scoop on the latest bolt-ons

Bottom Line
There's something here to fit every budget

Cost (Approx)
$37 and up

0910chp_01_z 31_hot_chevy_camaro_chevelle_nova_bolt_ons Cylinder_head 2/32

If you're building a small-block with 400 ci or more, or a very aggressive smaller-displacement combination, then AFR's latest 235cc offering is going to take your breath away. The new cylinder head is a direct bolt-on, standard-port-height, 23-degree piece that flows over 340 cfm on the intake and nearly 260 cfm on the exhaust side, rivaling many raised-runner 18-degree cylinder heads! The new 235 has the exact same geometry and valve location as AFR's popular 227 head but is fitted with slightly larger 2.125-inch intake valves, a 1.600-inch exhaust, and what AFR claims is a level of port refinement never seen before in an affordable production piece. Standard chamber volumes are 70 or 80 cc, but AFR can mill them anywhere in between and also as small as 60 cc with an angle mill. These heads are certain to set the bar a few rungs higher for 23-degree performance, and the other good news is that if you already own AFR's previous-generation 227 or the new Eliminator 227, all your valvetrain components will be a direct swap.

What it fits: Small-block mills
What it is: 23 cylinder heads
What it costs: $2,225
Where to get it: 877.235.4466 airflowresearch.com

0910chp_02_z 31_hot_chevy_camaro_chevelle_nova_bolt_ons Fuel_injection_tuning 3/32

Fuel injection tuning no longer has to be completed via a laptop computer. Edelbrock's newly refined fuel injection kit delivers more user-friendly capabilities with improved mileage potential. The Pro-Flo XT not only comes with a handheld calibration module for on-the-fly calibration, but the ECU is more powerful and features fully sequential injection. Also included is the intake manifold loaded with a 90mm throttle body along with the wiring harness, all electronic sensors, fuel system components, injectors, fuel rails, and software.

What it fits: Small- or big-blocks and LS1
What it is: Complete fuel injection system
What it costs: $4,000
Where to get it: 310.781.2222 edelbrock.com

0910chp_03_z 31_hot_chevy_camaro_chevelle_nova_bolt_ons Brake_calipers 4/32

Better Binders
Upgrading to a larger set of brakes should leave the option for visiting the local auto parts store for replacement items. Conversely, if your ride is still rolling on the factory four-wheel drums, this is the kit for you. McGaughy's 2-inch drop spindles are CNC-machined, and the 13-inch GM cross-drilled rotor kits are all off-the-shelf GM components. The kit comes with everything from calipers, brackets, bearings, and hubs right down to dust caps and cotter pins.

What it fits: '67-81 Camaro, '64-72 Chevelle, '68-74 Nova
What it is: Big front brake kit
What it costs: $849 with spindles
Where to get it: 559.226.8196 mcgaughys.com




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