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Sep 1, 2009
0909clt_02_z Chevy_parts_accessories Fuel_injection_engine_conversion_kit 2/6

Take The Fear Out Of Fuel Injection
It has never been easier to convert your carbureted engine to fuel injection. Most of the fear associated with fuel injection is the tuning once it's installed. With this kit, you can throw those concerns out the window. FAST now offers a complete EFI conversion system that doesn't require expert tuning advice or a laptop computer. After the kit is hooked up, answer the basic setup wizard questions on the handheld display, and the system will adjust and program itself.The FAST system is a true self-tuning fuel injection kit that comes with a 4150 throttle body, appropriate fuel injectors (four different flow rates available depending on application), and fuel rails. It even works well with any existing intake manifold and original carb-style linkage and is ready to accept all OEM sensors.

Price: $1,837
Memphis, TN

0909clt_03_z Chevy_parts_accessories Super_turbo_muffler 3/6

Hush Power
Super Turbo Muffler
The muscle car scene embraces a throaty exhaust with an emphasis on power and sound. The new Hush Thrush Super Turbo Muffler delivers both with an improved, large-diameter internal tri-flow design to enhance flow and performance. Most popular sizes are available and come with 14 inches overall length, with 2 1/4-, 2 1/2-, and 3-inch inlet/outlet diameters with side-center or side-side configurations. Each Thrush muffler includes reversible-flow chambers and is constructed out of all-aluminized materials with fiberglass mating inside.

Price: $45
Monroe, MI

0909clt_04_z Chevy_parts_accessories Vintage_air_front_runner_system 4/6

Trim Fit
'64-67 Chevelle Big-Block Fan Solutions
When running a big-block, space is hard to come by in A-body Chevelles. Alumitech Reproductions offers a dual-electric fan solution and aluminum radiator for folks utilizing a Vintage Air front-runner system, or March or Zoops serpentine systems. The dual-fan setup is rated at 2,740 cfm, and each fan only draws 13 amps. These units mirror the stock size for correct fitment, which means there are no modifications required. Their radiators are also configured in a proven two-row, one-inch tube design, with serpentine fins (15 to 16 fins per inch) and a denser 3/8-inch stack height to cool your high horsepower engine.

Price: $495 & Up
Alumitech Reproductions
Pinckey, MI

0909clt_05_z Chevy_parts_accessories Performance_motor_mounts 5/6

The Setup
LS Series Conversion Mounts
Energy Suspension now has Hyper-flex polyurethane performance motor mounts available to swap out your traditional small-block with a later-model LS powerplant. The complete set comes with two mounts and adapters, which allows you to drop in your choice of LS1/LS6/Vortec 4.8L, 5.3L, or 6.0L V-8. Each set is made of superior polyurethane mounts that are designed to resist under-car chemicals, road salt, and atmospheric conditions. Plus, each set comes with a patented interlocking feature to keep your new LS firmly planted. These are also available in your choice of chrome- or zinc-plated finish and come with all the necessary hardware for an easy installation.

Price: $165
Energy Suspension
San Clemente, CA

0909clt_06_z Chevy_parts_accessories Chevy_camaro_wiper_motor 6/6

Clean View
'67-69 Camaro Wiper Drives
Update your original '67-69 Camaro's wiper motors with a multispeed, heavy-duty unit with a self-parking motor. New Port Engineering's unit isn't just powerful; it's also significantly smaller than the original, giving you room for engine clearance and aftermarket ignition kits. This kit simply bolts into the factory location and links directly with the stock brackets and linkage arms. Optional features include an intermittent delay switch, a washer pump kit, and a switch conversion kit designed to work with the original knob and bezel.

Price: $210 & Up
New Port Engineering
Washington, MO

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