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Starter Heat Shield
An electronic component on the fritz is no good, especially when it's the one electronic component that controls whether your engine starts. In most cases, exhaust pipes are run close to the starter motor. The pipes heat up quickly and transfer that heat to the start motor. This easy-to-install strap-on heat barrier will reflect the heat to insulate the starter and solenoid.

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Ultra Strength Heat Sleeves
These heat sleeves are the ultimate in protective barriers for extreme heat exposure and in abrasion resistance. The silicone-treated fiberglass fire sleeving is designed to protect wires, cables, and hoses from high temperatures, liquid spills, and the occasional flame. They are made from braided fiberglass and coated with a compound of silicone rubber. They can withstand constant temps of 500 degrees all the way up to short-term exposure to 2,220 degrees. CHP

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Suppressor Mats
These adhesive-backed sheets combine the best of sound and heat control with comfort. Place them nearly anywhere, like floorboards, door panels, trunk floors, and even the ceiling. Just cut to fit, peel away the backing, press in place, and remove air bubbles.

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Snail Wrap
Turbochargers create excessive heat quickly. Thermo-Tec's Snail Wrap turbo kit will keep the turbo spooled up--virtually eliminating turbo lag. Less turbo lag means more power faster. The wrap comes cut to fit and will cover a substantial amount of the turbo.


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