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Sean Haggai Aug 1, 2009 0 Comment(s)
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Exhaust Wrap
Wrapping the headers can significantly reduce underhood heat temperatures. Thermo-Tec's insulation header wraps can withstand temperatures up to 2,000 degrees and contains no asbestos. The wrapping maintains hotter exhaust gases which allow them to escape faster. This increases the scavenging effect and keeps intake temperatures lower. Also, the Thermo-Conductive-Coating (TCT) applied to the fabric conducts heat across the wraps surface and controls heat build up and dissipation.

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Sometimes it's necessary to protect fuel lines that run along your framerails from being cooked by the exhaust pipes. For this, Thermo-Tec has developed a "clamp-on" heat shield. They are flexible, block up to 90 percent of radiant heat, and utilize TCT. The clamps come complete as a kit in 1-, 2-, and 3-foot lengths.

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High-Velocity Jacket
These nifty wraps are an innovative way to insulate the block and all else from the radiating heat. The jackets are perfect for your small- or big-block engine, and these kits can be installed with the headers already installed, making them the perfect upgrade to reducing heat. The jackets cover the tubes vertically and let the exhaust system expand as operating temperatures increase.

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Get rid of those pesky, hard-to-use wire tie tools. When you heat-wrap your components you need a simple and effective way to keep that wrap from loosening. Snap-Straps are made from stainless steel so they won't rust, and they incorporate a multilock system. They come in narrow precut-length kits or individually.

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High-Heat Spray
Yes, thermal barriers can come in spray-form. Spraying a can on this thermal treatment to your freshly wrapped components not only color-matches the fabric wrap but also adds extra protection. The spray-on will protect the wrap from liquid spills and even abrasion. Each can contains resins and binders that toughen the surface, extending its life. It dries quickly and also withstands temperatures of 2,000 degree and is available in black, aluminum, or copper colors.

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In the interior, resistance to heat is just as important as noise insulation. Get the best of heat and noise control with this lightweight shield. It reduces sounds and vibrations and protects from radiant heat. It can be trimmed to fit nearly anywhere you need damping, and it's flame-resistant. Just use the spray-on heat adhesive to apply it.


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