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Billet Specialties Wheels & Nova Steering Rack - CHP Parts

Aug 1, 2009
0908chp_02_z Bullet_specialties_wheels_nova_steering_rack Lightweight_drag_race_wheels 2/6

Rolled Out
Bullet & Dagger Rims From Billet Specialties
Finding new hoops for your project car can be challenging. Think about it. They can quickly make or break a vehicle's overall look. Billet Specialties is here to help make that a game-winning decision. Billet Specialties not only offers lightweight drag race wheels, but it also offers stunning artistic pieces for street cars.

Two of Billet's latest wheels in the Legend series have a fresh look, and the optional Prismatic Bronze powdercoat finish is now available. The Dagger and Bullet wheels also feature powdercoated centers for easy cleanup , can be made with 1-inch caliper clearance for aftermarket brakes assemblies, and are available in 17-, 18-, and 20-inch diameters.

Price: $1,295 & up
Billet Specialties
La Grange, IL

0908chp_04_z Bullet_specialties_wheels_nova_steering_rack Increased_ground_clearance 3/6

Right Conversion Rack
'62-67 Nova Steering Rack
Early Novas now benefit from a bolt-in front steer conversion rack. This kit mounts the rack high in the chassis for increased ground clearance and provides enough room for stock or aftermarket oil pans from six-cylinders to LS swaps. They utilize a custom tubular crossmember and incorporate Church Boys' own rear-located strut rod mounting kit. Drag racers benefit from inner tie rod travel, and the rack also quickens the steering and shortens the turning radius. All hardware and mounting components are included and so is an ididit steering column.

Price: $765 & Up
Church Boys Racing
Bristolville, OH

0908chp_05_z Bullet_specialties_wheels_nova_steering_rack Exhaust_system 4/6

Tuning Gem
EZ Clamp-On Wideband Sensor Mount Kit
Don't want to drill into and weld an O2 bung in your exhaust system? No worries. FAST can get an accurate reading of air/fuel ratios with its EZ Clamp-On tailpipe wideband sensor kit. It requires no welding or cutting and easily clamps onto a wide variety of tailpipes with a mark-free rubber snubber bolt. Best of all, it allows for a wideband sensor setup to be completed in a matter of minutes.

Price: $60
Memphis, TN

0908chp_06_z Bullet_specialties_wheels_nova_steering_rack Chevy_camaro 5/6

No Flex Zone
Front Brace Kits
What better way to increase rigidity and still beautify the engine compartment than with a fender brace kit for first- and second-gen Camaros? These braces triangulate the radiator core support to the fender and are fully adjustable. All kits are 100-percent CNC machined Clevises from 304 stainless steel, include laser-cut and powdercoated mounting brackets, and come with button-head stainless mounting bolts.

Price: $185
Detroit Speed & Engineering
Mooresville, NC

0908chp_07_z Bullet_specialties_wheels_nova_steering_rack Original_equipment_reduction 6/6

Detail Match
Do-It-Yourself Care Package
The summer season is here, and it's a great time to get your street machine out of the garage and ready for the boulevard with a wash and detail. Original Equipment Reproduction (OER), most noted for its manufacturing of GM muscle car parts like sheetmetal and mechanical parts, now offers a car-care system. OER's complete system (PN K89470) comes with various 16-ounce bottles for cleaning your vehicle. The kit comes in a custom-designed wash bucket with an integrated grit-guard to extract particles from mitts and brushes. Plus, it features an easy spin-on, spin-off lid and is perfect for traveling to car shows and storing your cleaning supplies.

Price: $200
Classic Industries
Huntington Beach, CA



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