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1970-1981 Chevy Camaro Suspension Subframe Assembly Kit - CHP Parts

Framing Precision

Jun 1, 2009
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Art Morrison 2nd-Gen "GT-Sport" Clip
Don't quite know how to weld or fabricate but still want the benefits of a truly beautiful piece of engineering? Ask anyone at Art Morrison Enterprises and they'll tell you that it is completely possible with one of their second-generation Camaro ('70-81) subframe assemblies. If you are up to replacing more than just the front suspension, like A-arms, and need a truly balanced starting point then this is the kit.

Morrison starts out with a 105-pound front clip designed through finite element analysis (FEA). It is significantly lighter in weight, yet still displays outstanding strength and stiffness over the bulky OEM piece. The Morrison unit features C6 Corvette forged aluminum control arms and Strange adjustable coilover springs. A specially modified Vette spindle with a lowered steering arm and an AGR power rack-and-pinion allows the system to sit 2 inches lower in the frame and allows for better handling. It also features a near-stock tread width and can be configured for small- or big-block engines and even LS-series engines with the options to fit OEM and aftermarket four-, five-, and six-speed transmissions.

Price: $3,075 & Up
Art Morrison Ent.
Fife, WA

0906chp_02_z 1970_chevy_camaro_suspension_subframe_kit Chevy_nova_dash_replacement 3/6

Dashing Panel
Covans Classic '77-79 Nova Dash
If you want to spice up your '77-79 Nova's interior, then Covans new ABS molded composite dash is the way to go. It gives any ride a modern yet clean finish, and it's available in carbon fiber, brushed aluminum, and a classic black finish. Get your panel complete with full gauges in 22 different styles, without gauges, or even blank with no gauge openings.

Price: $600 & Up
Covans Classic
Cumming, GA

0906chp_04_z 1970_chevy_camaro_suspension_subframe_kit Modern_transmission_shifter 4/6

Transform Your Shift
Shiftworks Replacement Factory-Style ShifterGet that factory '60s-style shifter look with all the functionality for modern transmissions. Set up for either the three-speed TH350/TH400 or the GM overdrive transmissions like the 700-R4, 200-R4, 4L60, 4L65, and the 4L80, this shifter has a stainless steel handle and button with factorylike reverse lockouts and detents for each gear. It's available in either rod linkage or cable actuation. Each shifter comes with a universal floor mounting bracket kit, and optional knobs and handles are also available.

Price: $225
Rochester, NY

0906chp_05_z 1970_chevy_camaro_suspension_subframe_kit Fuel_injection_kit 5/6

Swap Meet LS
Turn Key Late-Model Conversion Kit
Modern fuel injection in early muscle cars is the wave of the future. If you've been dabbling with the idea of slamming an LS (Gen III or IV) motor into your Camaro, Tri-five, Chevelle, Nova, or El Camino, then this might just be what you are looking for. This complete kit comes with all the necessary gear, including headers, an oil pan, engine mounts, a K&N air cleaner, an inline fuel pump and filter, fuel senders, bolts, gaskets, and fittings. It even comes with Turn Key's custom-programmed Delphi ECU and a complete wiring harness.

Price: $750
Turn Key Engine Supply
Oceanside, CA

0906chp_03_z 1970_chevy_camaro_suspension_subframe_kit Welding_techniques 6/6

Need To Know DVD
Like you, we're always up for hearing about new tips and tricks of the trade from the professionals. In this 50-plus-minute DVD from, Craig Hopkins, a nationally known pro car builder, goes through the dos and don'ts of MIG welding. In high-definition video, a helmet camera shows you exactly what you would be seeing as if you were doing the project yourself. It's an easy-to-follow DVD with techniques on the correct method of lapping, plugging, and butt-welding automotive sheetmetal. Make your future welding less of a challenge and start welding like a pro in no time.

Price: $20
Cleveland, GA



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