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Sean Haggai Apr 1, 2009 0 Comment(s)
0904chp_01_z Chevy_vehicle_on_dyno Dyno_run 2/14

These days it has become easier than ever to generate good reliable horsepower. And if you're looking to crest the 500hp marker, then there really isn't a need to tear an engine down to the bare bones. That is, unless you are searching for something far grander and are prepared to lay down some hefty cash. First, what's a bolt-on? It's subjective. While many will argue that anything can be considered a bolt-on, we say the true defining feature of a bolt-on is it lets you get in and get out. This minimizes downtime and gets you out on the road and track faster with the added benefits of positive results. Moreover, when you take into account the bang-for-the-buck factor and the install-in-no-time attitude, it makes sense to consider a simple bolt-on.

Much like you, we're always in the mood for finding out what works. Besides, when you are guaranteed to pick up some power or some extra points on the skid pad with these bolt-on items, they are a shoe-in. We've done our homework and are presenting to you some of the finer bolt-on items that will increase power, won't break the bank, and will satiate your performance appetite. We compiled a list of the more popular and available off-the-shelf, bolt-on components that most anyone can handle and covered the gamut on everything from carburetor spacers to brakes to cylinder head swaps. Not only do we include the before and after numbers, but we also detail the price and where to pick one up for yourself. Basically, we did all the hard work for you, so you don't have to. If nothing else, our guide will give you an idea of what gains you can expect. Read on. You may find something you can bolt on this weekend and enjoy the same day.

Quick Notes
What we did

Generated a list of the more popular bolt-on items

Bottom line
Spent a couple days on the dyno to show you that the proof is in the numbers

Cost (Approx)
Starts at $88

0904chp_02_z Comp_cams_hooker_headers Comp_cams_gold_roller_rockers_and_hooker_super_competition_headers 3/14

Comp Cams Gold 1.6:1 Roller Rockers With 1 3/4-Inch Hooker Super Competition Headers

The Test
We threw out the old stamped steel rockers and replaced them with a set of Comp gold roller rockers. This would allow the 350 with the Weiand supercharger to take full advantage of all that extra air. We also swapped out the old 15/8-inch headers for 13/4-inch headers and threw it on Vaca Performance's chassis dyno for the results.

Max power: 327 hp @ 4,900
Max torque: 349 lb-ft @ 4,350
Average power: 237 hp
Average torque: 316 lb-ft

Max power: 342 hp @ 5,200
Max torque: 375 lb-ft @ 4,200
Average power: 252 hp
Average torque: 327 lb-ft
Difference: +30 hp; 26 lb-ft

Price: $950

Comp Cams




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