1973 Chevy Camaro Year One Carpet Install - CHP Step By Step

Revitalizing After 35 Years Of Grime

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We're always impressed by the cars we run into at shows, events, and outings. More often than not, the interiors look great and smell factory-new. Sometimes it still seems a bit odd considering the age of our street machines. Then again it's probably just us; most of us on staff haven't replaced the carpet for any of our vehicles. Matter of fact, the concept seemed a bit foreign-at least until now.

We recently installed a complete Classic Motorsports Group five-speed conversion in our '73 Camaro ("5-Deep," Sept. '08). We had to cut the carpet for the new transmission shifter and ended up with a decent-sized hole as a result of that minor surgery. Sure, we'd intended to replace the carpet from the get-go, so we weren't really concerned about ruining the 35-year-old rug.

To freshen up the cockpit, we went to Year One and ordered a two-piece 80/20 loop-pile carpet along with all-new pedal assembly pads and OEM doorsills. But before even snugging the carpet into place, we spent some time ripping out the factory sound-deadener from the floorpan. While this in itself can be labor-intensive, it was relatively easy to remove and happened pretty quickly. We replaced it with a single layer of Dynamat's Xtreme to help eliminate any potential sheetmetal rattle and road noise.

All said and done, it proved be an eight-hour gig, give or take 20 minutes for a lunch break. And now that the base of the shifter handle is just as aesthetically pleasing as its surrounding components, the new office has never felt so good. It didn't take much, and with a few easy modifications and bolt-ons, our '73 is starting to smell fresh and look closer to the street machines we're constantly drooling over. We still have a way to go, but for now we are definitely cruising in comfort.

Quick Notes
What we did
New Year One carpet with a layer of Dynamat Xtreme

Bottom Line
Get ready for a little sweat equity.

Price (Approx)

Parts List

Dynamat Xtreme Bulk Pak 10455
80/20 loop-pile carpet 7073FBLK10
'70-81 sill plate, right 19NRH
'70-81 sill plate, left 19NLH
'67-81 sill plate screw set A2710
Clutch pedal pad CC3096
Accelerator pedal pad 3340N
Parking brake pad RB3
Brake pedal pad 36N




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