Chevy Performance Ignition Boxes - Fire Starter!

Poked, Prodded & Checked

Factory sparkers do a fair job of burning petrol, but when it comes to a hotter, yet more efficient burn, you'll need to enlist the aid of a performance aftermarket ignition. Factor in a high compression mill or increased cylinder pressure through a power adder, be it a supercharger or nitrous, and there's the increased possibility of blowing the spark out, leaving unspent fuel and potential energy to fall by the wayside.

Keep in mind that there's more to it than just power: Simply bolting on an ignition box isn't going to magically increase the seat-of-the-pants feel by any means; however, it'll certainly ensure that you're maximizing all of your available power, help increase fuel mileage-which is a benefit we can all take advantage of-and above all, improve throttle response to better promote reliable performance.

To help make your decision easier, we've listed six of the more popular entry-level boxes and we're getting straight to the point. We've gone ahead and listed the details, the price, and all available functions; now that the hard part is done, it's just a matter of picking the one that works for you.

Quick Notes
What We Did
Examined six affordable ignition boxes

Bottom Line
Prices vary with available functions

Cost (Approx)
Starts at $144

0809chp_01_z Chevy_performance_ignition_boxes Accel_300 2/6

Price: $190


0809chp_02_z Chevy_performance_ignition_boxes Crane_cams_fireball_hi6 3/6

Price: $220

Crane Cams

0809chp_03_z Chevy_performance_ignition_boxes Crane_cams_hyfire_6 4/6

Price: $200


0809chp_04_z Chevy_performance_ignition_boxes Msd_street_fire 5/6

Price: $150


0809chp_05_z Chevy_performance_ignition_boxes Pertronix_second_strike 6/6

Price: $310


0809chp_06_z Chevy_performance_ignition_boxes Summit_racing 7/6

Price: $144

Summit Racing


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