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Suspensions and More - Chevy High Performance Parts - CHP Parts

Jul 1, 2008
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Missing Link
This all-new, true four-link setup is a direct bolt-in with absolutely no modification required. With maximum performance in mind, Heidt's made sure to include full suspension adjustability and everything you need to complete the install, including the chassis and axle brackets, adjustable links, upper coilover crossmember, Panhard bar, adjustable Heidt's billet coilover shocks, and all necessary hardware. Options include an axlehousing with the brackets installed, 31-spline axles, Wilwood disc brakes, complete third members, and Heidt's own line of subframe connectors.

Price: $995 & up
Heidt's Hot Rod SHOP
Wauconda, IL * 800.841.8188

Mighty Light
Tool Steel Retainers
When it comes to the valvetrain, weight is the enemy. Parts last longer and engines make more power with light parts. Strength is key, which is why Comp offers these lightweight tool steel retainers. They are about 33 percent lighter than the conventional chrome-moly steel and only about 2-4 grams heavier than titanium. These retainers are CNC-designed using the latest FEA and CAD software and are SpinTron-tested. Comp's retainers are available for 1.437- to 1.500-inch dual valvesprings and accept 10-degree locks.

Price: $137 & Up
Comp Cams
Memphis, TN * 901.795.2400

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Cranking Power
CVR protorque starter
You're not going anywhere when your starter quits working. CVR designed each of its starters for full adjustability for header and oil pan clearance, and to be strong enough to endure the punishments of racing. Choose from a 4:1 to a 4.44:1 ratio with 1.9 hp or 3.1 hp. The starters are constructed with full ball bearings and no bushings to wear out. Each also has a heavy-duty clutch and heavy-duty bearings to support the drive assembly for unlimited service and proper pinion alignment.

Price: $319
CVR Products
Arnprior, Ontario, Canada
613.623.8064 *

0807_chpp_04_z Suspensions_and_more_missing_link Manual_steering_kit 4/5

F-Body Manual Steering KitFor drag racers, not all manual steering racks from a Pinto will fit. And when they do, they have a tendency to create a bit of bumpsteer. To eliminate this, BMR offers a new line of complete bolt-in manual rack systems for '98-02 F-bodies. Features include 2-inch primary-tube header clearance and rack extensions that are biased to the passenger side. The kit also comes with bearing-style U-joints, double-threaded tie-rod ends, CNC-machined bump spacers, and QA-1 XR-series rod ends.

Price: $700
BMR Fabrication
Thonotosassa, FL * 813.986.9302

0807_chpp_05_z Suspensions_and_more_missing_link Six_quart_oil_pan 5/5

More The Merrier
Six-Quart Oil Pan
Engine Quest now offers an OE-style 6-quart oil pan for small-block applications. This direct replacement part for PN 359937 features an extended sump to hold additional oil and a dipstick on the driver side, and is set up for a two-piece rear main seal. These are also available with or without a baffle, in your choice of chrome or black.

Price: $85
Engine Quest
Las Vegas, NV * 702.649.7776



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