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Chevy Performance Parts and Accessories - CHP Parts Rack

Jan 1, 2008
0801chp_01_z Chevy_muscle_car_performance_parts Rhs_cylinder_heads 2/6

Breathe Easy
Pro-Action 24-Degree BBC Cylinder Heads
Deciding which cylinder heads to purchase (and which configuration) can make or break your wallet. You can breathe easier now with big-block cylinder heads from RHS. With a standard 119cc combustion chamber, you can order these 24-degree heads from RHS in any arrangement to meet your racing needs. Purchase these heads as a bare casting with radiused and hardened valve seats, manganese intake valveguides, and phosphorus bronze exhaust guides. Or buy them assembled out-of-the-box with valves. If weight is a priority for you, RHS also makes these heads in aluminum. Both castings (iron and aluminum) are made with extra-thick deck surfaces for strength and machining. To avoid hot spots, RHS specifically designed these heads with a highly efficient water jacket design for better thermal conductivity. Whether you choose the 320cc or 360cc intake-runner length, RHS claims these heads will outflow the competition by 5 percent due to their superior as-cast port and chamber finish quality.

Price: $1,016 & up
Memphis, TN
877.776.4323 ·

0801chp_02_z Chevy_muscle_car_performance_parts Ati_torque_converter 3/6

Lock It Up
ATI Torque Converters
If your stock LS1 4L60E or 4L65E converter isn't up to par, ATI's new pieces should certainly fit the bill. The 10-inch converters are available with (for $54 extra) or without lockup for each application. ATI furnace-brazes the pump and turbine and installs new billet stator caps, springs, and rollers in the sprag. Additional features include a new hub, pilot, and mounting ring installed, and they are CNC-machined for precision. ATI even throws in a set of Torrington bearings for low-friction accuracy.

Price: $546 & up
Baltimore, MD
800.284.3433 ·

0801chp_03_z Chevy_muscle_car_performance_parts Deep_chrome_polish 4/6

Go Deep!
Deep Chrome Polish
Cleaning chrome surfaces can be a delicate process. Users must be careful not to further scratch the surface of the chrome by using traditional multimetal polishes, which can contain abrasives to cut into the surface of many metals, including aluminum or brass. However, Deep Chrome is specifically designed for chrome only, can be used very aggressively, and will never scratch the surface of your precious chrome.

Price: $13
Deep Products Co.
Glastonbury, CT
860.657.4333 ·

0801chp_04_z Chevy_muscle_car_performance_parts Mallory_e_spark_converter 5/6

The Fire Ignites
E-Spark Conversion Kit
Mallory ignition now offers a complete E-Spark conversion kit to cover all Mallory V-8 distributors, eliminating constant point and condenser maintenance and also helping to improve performance and fuel efficiency. The kits also feature the latest in thermal-clad surface mounting construction and are available for 12-volt negative-ground applications.

Price: $60
Mallory Ignition
Cleveland, OH
216.688.8300 ·

0801chp_05_z Chevy_muscle_car_performance_parts Snap_on_extension 6/6

Knuckle Saver
Variable-Length Ratchet Extension
Time is crucial, and less time spent under the hood means more time on the road enjoying your ride. Snap-on realized that while performing some tasks with ordinary extensions, they must be swapped out mid-task due to space constraints. Because Snap-on's extensions are spring loaded, they collapse as the clearance behind the ratchet is eaten up. This way, the tool remains locked on the fastener, saving time-and your knuckles. CHP

Price: $46
Kenosha, WI
262.656.5200 ·



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