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Jan 1, 2007
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Vacuum Packed
King Demon Carb W/Vacuum Secondaries
When it comes to street/strip machines, some of you-you know who you are-have to have yours in a large. So for those of you who say, "Super size me," Demon Carburetion has introduced a new line of King Demon carburetors with vacuum-activated secondaries, designed for Chevys weighing in at 3,400-plus pounds. When the appropriate air speed is reached, the butterflies automatically open, activating the secondary metering circuits and therefore overcoming hesitation or bogging during acceleration. The new King Demon is designed to fit 4500-style intake-manifold flanges and features a removable billet baseplate for changing throttle plate sizes. The King also comes with three-circuit fuel metering, four-corner idle, adjustable air bleeds, emulsion bleeds, and idle-feed restrictors for maximum tunability. In addition, the vacuum pod has a quick-change spring to control the secondary opening rate. The new King Demon is also available in the exclusive RS version with removable venturi sleeves. Sizes range from 795 to 1,095 cfm.

Price: $1,320
Demon Carburetion
Dahlonega, GA

chp_01_z Barry_grant_king_demon_carb 2/8

Dial It In
Pro-Billet E-Curve Digital Distributor
MSD's newest distributor, the Pro-Billet E-Curve, replaces traditional springs and bushings with a digital controller, allowing tuners to produce up to 20 different centrifugal advance curves by making adjustments with rotary dials. Factor in the E-Curve's provision for dialing in five different vacuum advance curves and you've got access to 100 different timing curves. Over-rev protection is provided by a dial-in rev limiter. The E-Curve also features a high-output ignition module, eliminating the need for an external control, making for a clean and simple installation. Connect three wires and it's ready to go.

Price: $390
MSD Ignition
El Paso, TX

chp_02_z Msd_ignition Pro_billet_e_curve_distributor 3/8

Muscular Arms
Tubular A-Body A-Arms
The last piece of the puzzle in BMR Fabrication's A-body suspension lineup is its new A-arms, which BMR says are twice as strong as stock pieces-and 10 pounds lighter. These new A-arms are fabricated out of mandrel-bent, MIG-welded DOM tubing. The lower pieces feature fully gusseted spring cups and are assembled with polyurethane bushings and new lower ball joints. The upper arms feature new billet steel cross-shafts along with polyurethane bushings and bumpstops. They also come in versions for stock or B-body spindles. BMR's A-arms can be used with OE-style coil springs and most popular shocks, including coilovers. These powdercoated A-arms are pre-assembled with low-deflection polyurethane bushings for maximum suspension control.

Price: $440
BMR Fabrication
Thonotosassa, FL

chp_03_z Bmr_fabrication Tubular_a_body_a_arms 4/8

Liberty Bell
621 Bellhousing
When Keisler Engineering set out to create a replacement for the hard-to-find GM 621 11-inch bellhousing, it decided to improve the design at the same time. Keisler's version uses a thick-wall titanium/aluminum casting, creating a piece that's both lighter and stronger than the original. The 621 bellhousing works with all Chevy applications using a 168-tooth flywheel and mated to Muncie, T10, TKO, Saginaw, or Richmond transmission; an alternative version mates these trannies to LS-series engines. This new 621 accepts original Chevy mechanical linkages and fork boots and maintains the original's dimensions, allowing for stock starter and header clearance. A steel inspection cover and hardware are included.

Price: $199
Keisler Engineering
Rockford, TN

chp_04_z Keisler_engineering_bell_housing 5/8

Shock Wave
Gm Front Coilovers
QA1 has added to its already extensive coilover line by expanding its GM front suspension offerings. The Pro Coil System converts stock GM front suspension systems to coilover setups and is offered in both street and strip applications. These bolt-in kits feature a pair of single or double adjustable shocks with matching springs and all required mounting hardware. QA1's double adjustable shocks provide 24 clicks each of compression and rebound adjustment, making for a total of 576 valving options. The 24-click single adjustable shocks adjust both rebound and compression simultaneously and are available in a 90/10 setup for drag racing applications. QA1 also stocks 12 different high-performance springs.

Price: $525 & up
Lakeville, MN

chp_05_z Qa1 Shock_wave_gm_front_coilovers 6/8

Stop Switch
Camaro Rear Drum-To-Disc Kits
Looking to ditch the drums on your third-gen Camaro? Mr. Best Wrench has the ticket with its '82-92 Camaro rear drum-to-disc kit. The package includes 12.19x0.81 vented rotors, solidly mounted Wilwood Dynalite calipers with internal parking brake, stainless braided hoses, pads, hardware, parking brake cables, a proportioning valve, and instructions. Some modification to the rear axle flanges, wheel studs, and brake lines is required. Mr. Best Wrench recommends that its rear brake upgrade be paired with larger front brakes. All kits are track-tested and can be used for street, autocross, or open-track days.

Price: $1,350
Mr. Best Wrench
Grand Island, NY

chp_06_z Mr_best_wrench Rear_drum_to_disc_kits 7/8

Spray Pattern
Dual Perimeter Plate Nitrous System
Need more squeeze? Zex is seeking to optimize intake charge atomization-and horsepower-with its Dual Perimeter Plate Nitrous System. Nitrous and fuel outlets are placed at 24 injection points around the perimeter of the manifold; Cryo-Sync technology is then used to inject super-chilled nitrous into the engine, rapidly cooling the carburetors and intake manifold and increasing the density of the intake charge. Additionally, Airflow Enhancement technology creates a low-pressure area under the carburetors, helping to smooth and increase airflow into the engine. The Dual Perimeter Plate Nitrous System is tunable from 100 to 300 hp and is compatible with any square-flange or Dominator, side-by-side, dual four-barrel intake manifold.

Price: $680/$935
Memphis, TN

chp_07_z Zex Dual_perimeter_plate_nitrous_system 8/8



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