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Techno Tuning

Horsepower at the touch of a button

Andrew Schear Mar 22, 2005

If you're one of those "techno challenged" call your brother-in-law to fix your computer types, you're in luck! We've recently stumbled across one heck of a device for computer controlled Chevys. The Predator, manufactured by Diablo Sport and distributed by Granatelli Motor Sports will function on '99-03 Vettes, '99-02 F-bodies and '99-02 full size GM trucks. Of course we found out early on that once the Predator was attached to a given vehicle, it permanently fused itself with that specific VIN number. But other that that, the Predator boasts some of the best features we've seen yet on a hand held automotive programmer, and was quite easy to use.

We tested our Predator on an LS1 Z28 Camaro with a six-speed manual transmission. We found that all the features were useful except perhaps those associated with the automatic transmission, which were of course not applicable.After perusing the menus built into the programmer, we found useful features such as live engine data monitoring, service engine soon codes, and of course the ability to change all sorts of mechanical and electronic variables. The Predator can change axle ratios, on/off temperatures of cooling fans, power enrichment, spark, rev limiter and lots of other cool stuff.

Although we weren't comfortable toying with the air/fuel ratios, we found that changing the temperature at which the cooling fans turned on was a great feature. It kept our F-body at a more constant temperature throughout extreme driving conditions. And just for kicks, we backed off the rev limiter by about 300 rpm in an effort to make the LS1 live a little bit better at the strip. We think you'll agree that this is one tool you can't live without.


The Preditor comes with detailed instructions on tuning and troubleshooting.

While the ignition is in the off position, place the plug into the socket. It is located under the dash beneath the steering column.

The first screen will prompt the user to choose: "Tune It", "Diagnostics" or "Options". From this point, we followed the detailed instructions from the digital display.

The live feed monitoring system was informative to say the least.

When we were finished, we simply turned the ignition to the off position and removed the connecting plug.

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