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The Crimp

A Handy Spark-Plug Wire Crimper

Jeff Smith Apr 1, 2002

Step By Step

This is the ACCEL 300+ Pro Crimp tool, which comes with three separate sets of dies. One set is for spark-plug wire terminals, and the other two are for crimping primary wire.

The tool also allows you to custom-tailor the amount of crimp.

This close-up of a spark-plug die shows the three separate functions.

This is an MSD spark-plug wire terminal crimped with the MSD tool. Note how the spiral core (A) is held parallel rather than folded over. The terminal is held solidly to the outer insulation by the second crimp (B).

High performance is all about doing the job right. MSD recently improved its spark-plug wire ends to include a different type of crimp process that is far better than the old way but requires a special crimping tool. If you're like us, you probably prefer to custom-make your own spark-plug wires using a universal plug wire kit. Now you can do this with the new MSD plug- wire ends using this new tool.

This new plug-wire tool connects the spiral core to the wire terminal without folding the core over the outside insulation, creating a superior connection that is better protected by the boot.

The terminal crimps to the insulation separately, further improving the connection without bending the spiral core, which could cause the core to break--leading to a bad connection.

The new crimp tool performs all three necessary steps. The first portion of the jaws accurately trims the plug-wire insulation back the proper distance without cutting into the spiral core. Next, the middle portion of the tool crimps the spiral core to the terminal. Finally, the inside portion of the jaws crimps the terminal to the plug-wire insulation. In a matter of a few moments, you have created a professional-looking end on the plug wire that is ready for years of trouble-free service.

This tool also offers interchangeable jaws for crimping terminals on primary wire. The jaws are color coded according to crimp size and have a wide array of uses. The ratcheting mechanism makes it quick and easy to use with very little hassle. The tool is available from ACCEL, Moroso, and MSD, and makes a valuable addition to any hot rodders toolbox. It will spoil you for any other plug- wire crimping tool.


Moroso Performance Products
Guilford, CT 06437

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