Horsepower Helpers

Budget Bolt-On Engine Parts That Work!

Jeff Smith Sep 1, 2002 0 Comment(s)

Step By Step

The world revolves around power, and we’re here to make sure you get your fair share. While blowers, turbos, and nitrous make for impressive copy in magazine pages, they’re not what you use to get to work on Monday morning. The real world of pump-gas compression, mild cylinder heads, torquey cams, and properly proportioned four-barrel carburetors are what make the world go ’round. Frankly, these types of mainstream engines are what you drive and what we like to write about.

But that doesn’t mean these workaday engines have to be boring or underpowered. That’s where our Horsepower Helpers come in. We’ve assembled some stovetop-style recipes that focus on the best ideas for add-on horsepower, giving you specific part numbers and even the prices so you know how much all this stuff costs.

Everybody talks about horsepower, but CHP has cooked up several steaming servings of horsepower helpers that you can bolt on and taste-test for yourself. The best part is there’s not an ounce of fat in any of these recipes.

Check 'em out in the sidebars below.


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