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Borla’s New Exhaust is Power to Fit Every Pocket

Affordable Acceleration

Andy Bolig Aug 1, 2002

Step By Step

Tim O’Bryan and his girlfriend Tiffany Hoover pose beside Tim’s Z06 equipped with Borla’s PN 140017 exhaust system.

The engineers at Borla were not content with having one of the most popular aftermarket exhaust systems for the C5 Corvette. The introduction of the new Z06 gave the engineering staff an opportunity to do some R&D on this improved performance icon, and the results of this exercise were nothing short of incredible. Jay Drake, director of R&D at Borla, basically rethought the entire design, based on experience from the extremely successful C5-R with a Borla exhaust that dominated the 24 Hours of Le Mans and the American Le Mans series last year, and also the ongoing engineering that John Lingenfelter does in conjunction with Borla on LPE-prepared Corvettes. After dyno-testing the new Borla system on a twin-turbo, 600hp project car, John proclaimed, “The new Borla system has no competition. It is that much better than anything we have ever seen.”

Borla’s R&D Department purchased exhaust systems from all of the competition, and did back-to-back dyno tests to establish both baselines and performance guidelines. After extensive effort, Borla released its new 140017 system (code-named the “Stinger” by Internet customers). That name may come from the popularity of the Stinger missile, or the Corvette Sting Ray—or just the fact that “You better stay back or you’ll get stung!” The two distinctive 4-inch angle-cut rolled tips shout power loud and clear. You immediately realize you are at the business end of pure performance exhaust.

The new Borla system doesn’t look like, sound like, or flow like any C5 or Z06 system ever built. Imagine the possibilities of twice the flow in an exhaust system, horsepower numbers that equal open exhaust, and weight that’s less than the original titanium system!

All coupled with a sound that proclaims performance like no other. The system is considered a rear-section exhaust system using mandrel-bent 304 stainless steel performance tubing. The mufflers incorporate the patented, proprietary XR-1 technology that Borla is renowned for. The system is finished off with custom polished high-tech mufflers embossed with the distinctive Borla logo.

The Borla Corvette exhaust system (PN 140017) retails for $599. That’s not a misprint. After building Corvette exhaust systems for more than 20 years, Borla has elected to reward its loyal and future customers with a price just as impressive as the performance of this product.


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