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Handy CHP Torque Charts For Small- And Big-Block Chevys

Jeff Smith May 1, 1999 0 Comment(s)

Step By Step

How many times have you been all ready to assemble an engine only to realize you don’t have the torque specs for the different engine bolts? After a lengthy search, you finally come up with the right torque specs, but you’ve wasted the better part of an hour doing it. We know; it’s happened to us. So, we decided to do the research and assemble a quick-reference table that you can use the next time you find yourself in need of such information.

Just click on the "Click to enlarge" button, then print the pop-up using your toolbar print command. Then, put the print-out in one of those cool clear plastic resealable envelopes, so the paper won’t get all smudged with greasy fingerprints, and stick it in the top lid of your toolbox. So, the next time you need the numbers, they’ll be at your fingertips.

We’ve broken the guide into two separate categories for small- and big-block Chevys. Our references are to stock fasteners and bolts. If you change to a set of ARP rod bolts, for example, always refer to the manufacturer’s data for more accurate torque specs. But, if you’re at a loss for how tight to make the bolt, this chart will get you there. Don’t forget to stick it in your toolbox!


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