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EFI Nitrous Subterfuge From NOS

Jeff Smith Feb 1, 2002

Step By Step

The standard LT1-style throttle body uses larger 58mm throttle bores and incorporates a single nitrous inlet line. The inset illustrates the spray discharge pattern from the LT1-style throttle body.

The discharge holes are located just downstream of the throttle butterflies.

This NOS four-barrel throttle body is designed to fit existing Holley square-flange intake manifolds. The small nitrous inlet fitting plumbs the nitrous to spray directly into the intake manifold.

The nitrous discharge holes are located directly in the middle of the throttle body.

Looking for an easy way to plumb nitrous into your electronic fuel injection (EFI) street burner? Nitrous Oxide Systems (NOS) has just released a couple of new throttle bodies that integrate nitrous spray outlets. In the past, this was accomplished with a plate that bolted between the throttle body and the intake manifold plenum. But now that’s old news.

For ’94-’97 LT1-style small-blocks, this new NOS throttle body offers a single-port nitrous entry into the throttle body. If you are using an aftermarket EFI controller, fuel enrichment is added via the fuel injectors. The other new piece is a 1,000-cfm four-barrel–style billet throttle body using four separate discharge holes located in the bottom middle area between the throttle bores. With a single nitrous feed line leading up to the throttle body, you can plumb a serious amount of nitrous into the engine without the need for a separate plate. This 1.750–inch bore throttle body also incorporates an OEM throttle-position sensor and offers staged throttle linkage.

These are just a couple of the interesting new pieces from NOS that can make using nitrous a little easier and a ton more fun.


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