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A 1-Hour Program to Revive Your C4’s Visors

From Ragged to Riches

Andy Bolig Sep 1, 2001

Step By Step

With the top down or removed, the first step is to remove the screws from the cover plates at the upper corners of the windshield. Also, to prevent cracking the plastic interior trim, loosen the screws underneath the upper windshield trim. They don’t have to be removed, simply loosened, so that the trim will move enough to slide out the cover plate.

Lifting up the cover plate, you can see the retainer that GM used to hold the visor and spring in place.

Chris has found that the best way to remove the retainer is to tap on the shaft with a small hammer. This will slide the retainer up the shaft until you can get under it with a screwdriver and pry it the rest of the way off the shaft. Be careful to hit only the shaft and not the surrounding area. The second photo shows the spring, located under the retainer.

With the retainer removed, the visor pin will slide right out. You’ll need to do a little bit of wiggling to get the connector out far enough to disconnect it with a small screwdriver.

We replaced the original-style (’84-’87) with the newer-style visor for the ’88-’96 Corvettes. The vanity mirror is different and, we feel, better looking. The newer-style visor has a nut that threads onto the shaft after the retainer and spring are in place.

Attach the wire connector and then push the mounting pin through the hole.

Make sure the wire doesn’t get in the way of the bolt that holds the top in place. Chris reports that he’s seen chafed wires, which will drain the battery over time. Use a screwdriver to move the wire safely out of the way.

There are two ways to install the retainer back onto the new visor shaft. Have a helper tap the retainer back on using a small hammer and a small deep-well socket. Or you can use a socket and a large pair of channel-lock pliers. Put a rag or tape on the bottom tip of the pliers so you don’t damage the trim inside the car, and don’t crimp the pliers excessively or you could crack the trim.

Weekend projects have an incredible effect on us Corvette owners. They provide the ultimate win-win situation. When the tools are all cleaned and properly stored, we walk away with a feeling of accomplishment, and our Corvette is better for it! Unlike necessary repairs that must be done before we can enjoy our Corvettes, the weekend project can be planned (or postponed) to suit our needs. We also have the option of deciding whether our abilities are sufficient to finish the task.

One such task that will undoubtedly wind up on all C4 owners’ to-do list is replacing the worn-out sunvisors. The material is not extremely durable, and it’s only a matter of time before it wears through at the corners. Replacing the sun visors can be the most gratifying improvement for your C4’s interior, and a case can be made that it’s also the easiest. Follow along as Chris Petris of the Corvette Clinic shows how to replace the old, worn-out visors, a task that will likely take less than an hour of your time.

Whether it’s the final step on restoring your interior or simply another thing on the to-do list, changing the sunvisors can make a vast difference in the appearance of your interior. The effect of a good-looking set of visors is magnified by the fact that they are just inches away from your eyes—so get out there and make the Corvette world a better-looking place, one visor at a time.

1 Anyone’s Project No tools required
2 Beginner Basic tools

3 Experienced Special tools
4 Accomplished Special tools and outside help
5 Professionals Only Send this work out


Corvette Clinic
Sanford, FL

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