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Steering Wheel Installation

Installing A New Zip Products Steering Wheel In A ’59 Corvette

Randy Bolig Feb 1, 2001

Step By Step

First, gather a few simple handtools. You’ll need a hammer, a center punch, a screwdriver, a drill and a 1/4-inch drill bit, a steering-wheel puller, a 3/4-inch socket with ratchet, a small rattail file, and a pair of pliers.

Before you begin, make sure the wheels are straight and the steering wheel is in the proper position. (It’s easier to straighten the wheels now than it is to do it with the steering wheel off!) Remove the horn button, and then the three screws holding the horn-button stand.

With the horn-button stand removed, you can now remove the center-shaft nut with the 3/4-inch socket and ratchet, freeing the wheel for removal.

You’ll need a steering-wheel puller to remove the old steering wheel.

With the wheel-and-hub assembly removed, drill the six rivets that hold the wheel to the hub assembly. (Hint: Use a center punch on the face of the rivets so as not to drill off-center into the hub.)

With the hub assembly and the wheel separated, now is the time to replace the horn contact and the two roll pins.

You’ll have to take a small round file or a half-round file to the backside of the center opening and chamfer the edge so it will fit flush on the hub.

With new bolts, install the new wheel to the hub, making sure that all of the holes are visible; otherwise you’ll have to take it apart again.

Now that it’s back together, you can install the wheel-and-hub assembly on the steering-column shaft. Be sure the wheel is in the proper position and the wheels are straight.

With the wheel assembly on the shaft, tighten the center shaft nut to 35-40 lb-ft.

Next, install the horn-button stand, making sure the tab rests against the horn-contact bushing. You can also install a new horn button, also available from Zip Products.

There you have it—that’s how you revamp your ride’s aimer with only a few simple handtools and a couple of hours of your time. CF

Let’s face it—a ’56-’62 Corvette has seen a lot of daylight, and even if meticulously cared for, over time the elements take their toll. Fortunately, Zip Products carries a complete line of restoration products for vintage Corvettes.

This ’59’s steering wheel had logged a lot of road time, so it was time for a change. Follow along as we show you how to replace that old, worn-out steering wheel while burning only a couple of hours of daylight.


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