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Corvette C5 Exhaust Upgrade

The C5 has hot looks. It needs a hot sound, which goes right along witha hotter LS1 engine.

Jerry Heasley Oct 1, 2004

The C5 has hot looks. It needs a hot sound, which goes right along witha hotter LS1 engine. As every all-American hot rodder knows, increasingperformance starts with better exhausts. Only then can you takeadvantage of increased intake flow.

Funfest, 2004, on the grounds of Mid America Motorworks in Effingham,Illinois, was a mad scene Saturday and Sunday, September 18th and 19th.Billy Boat of Bill Boat Performance Exhausts was running around like a head with his chicken cut off.

"We've got installs set up for every half hour from nine o'clock tothree o'clock. "

By "install" he meant the removal of a stock Corvette C5 (1997-2004)exhaust system and the installation of one of his aftermarket exhausts,either the "PRT" or the "Bullet."

Ron Hinkle from Mavel, Wisconsin was one of the "installs."

"I just wanted to add a little more performance, a little more sound, tomake the car basically sound like it looks."

Hinkle knew the drill. His 2002, six speed convertible, was all stock.He bought it brand new.

"I'm thinking about adding a K&N cold air induction system maybe nextyear."

He decided to go with the PRT exhausts, preferring a "better" (quieter)sound at highway speeds, but some "good noise" when you step on thethrottle.

The Bullet system, utilizing a combination of 2.5" and 3.0 pipes, ismore aggressive. Boat described the sound as "a deep, throaty tone." Itcomes with the quad, 4" round tips, or dual 4" round tips.

We listened as C5 drivers fired up their LS1 engines after installation.The sound is actually pleasant to the ears in the sense of being loud,but not popping.

A convertible owner who cruises might prefer the PRT. Those after a moreaggressive sound and horsepower potential (22 extra ponies for the LS1)will prefer the Bullet system.

Once you have the entire system installed, go back and "fine tune " thealignment on the tips. Both the PRT and the Bullet system can be rotatedslightly at the flanges or the slip joint in order to ensure perfectalignment. Then, tighten all the connections for the final time.

Enjoy the new sound of your C5!


With an 18 mm socket and a 15 mm wrench, remove the brackets that securethe sway bar, one per side.

Your purpose is not to remove the sway bar, but to rotate it out of theway of exhaust pipes which go up and over the rear axle.

Disconnect the four bolts, two per side, that hold the muffler sectionto the H-pipe.

Ever wondered why they call an H-pipe an H-pipe? It resembles an H inshape. Notice the "cats" are forward (far right), near the back of theengine.

Cars with automatic transmission have a gas tank heat shield (next tothe transmission pan) which needs to be loosened for clearance as youremove the exhaust pipes that go over the rear axle.

Pull the heat shield out of the way. It does not need to be entirelyremoved.

Using a 13 mm socket on a long extension, unbolt the rear mufflermounts, one per side.

Catch the muffler assembly when the muffler mount bolts are removed.

Slide the mount off this bracket on top of the muffler.


Billy Boat Performance Exhaust
Phoenix, AZ 85027



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