Simplify Your Steering: Bushings to Bearings

Trading bushings for bearings in '53-'62 Corvettes

Andrew Bolig Feb 5, 2004 0 Comment(s)

Compared to the steering assemblies the Corvette has been using over the past few generations, the straight-axle front suspension is extremely simplistic. The initial design was for a passenger car, and that is exactly how it worked under the Corvette. There are options available to the early Corvette owner who wishes to update his or her Corvette's suspension to an independent front system, but if you wish to keep your Corvette basically stock but make it more enjoyable to drive, Stainless Steel Brakes has you covered as well. The company provides an upgraded kingpin package that uses roller bearings instead of the original bushings. The bearings will last longer and make steering easier due to the reduced friction of the bearings. The Corvette Clinic was installing kingpins in a '58 Corvette, and we went along to show our readers what it takes to install bearings where bushings once resided.


Corvette Clinic, Dept. CF
Sanford, FL 32773
Stainless Steel Brakes Corp., Dept. CF
Clarence, NY 14031




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