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Replacing Your Musclecar's Window Regulators

Bob Mehlhoff Nov 21, 2003 0 Comment(s)
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Up and down they go. Year after year, the regulators continue to position your door glass exactly where it should be. They must accurately hold the glass in any position, but for the most part are never lubed after they leave the factory. Every time you close your musclecar's door, the regulators also withstand an impact. So more than 30 years later, your window regulators are showing their age by binding, clunking, or simply not working at all.

If you've been reading CHP for some time, you might be familiar with our buddy Craig Boone's '69 Camaro. Although his car is an awesome performer and quite looks the part, deep down inside its window regulators were starting to stick and bind and needed replacement. The folks at Year One supplied him with a front regulator kit specifically designed for '69 Camaros. For the most part, the job went smoothly and we completed it with common tools. Keep an eye peeled as we show the easy steps to replacing these sometimes-mysterious apparatuses.

Parts List

Here's a list of the Year One parts we used on Craig's Camaro. Remember, if your Camaro has the deluxe interior (molded door panels), the regulator part numbers will be different. For more information visit

Description; PN; Price

'68-'69 Left-front manual window regulator; WR334LH; $124.00
'68-'69 Right-front manual window regulator; WR334RH; $124.00
'69 Fisher Body service manual; RFSA69; $41.95


Year One
Tucker, GA 30085




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