Chevrolet LS1 Engine Swap - A Change of Heart

Swapping an LS1 Into Vintage Iron

Bob Mehlhoff Nov 1, 2003 0 Comment(s)
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LS1 engines are available through local wrecking yards, the Internet, or vendors. Speed Automotive offers a selection of low-mileage LS1 engines with brackets, pulleys, computers, and wire harnesses. If you prefer new, Friendly Chevrolet offers GM LS1 crate engines.

Nail the throttle of an LS1-powered fourth-gen Camaro and you'll soon be dreaming of how to put one of GM's newest and hottest small-blocks into your classic ride. Apart from the easy 300-plus horses these motors muster from a large-by-huge torque curve, they also have very good street manners. The secret performance brew combines a well-developed intake with a pair of free-flowing cylinder heads fed by today's most advanced electronic fuel injection.

And if you're still hungering for more power, the aftermarket has plenty of internal and bolt-on items to transform a stock LS1 into a real street stormer. But until lately, swapping one of these cool mills into a vintage musclecar took plenty of patience. Fortunately, the aftermarket has been hard at work developing and testing all the necessary goodies to make an LS1 installation easy and well engineered.

With the LS1 rage increasing daily, we wanted to learn more. We visited with some LS1 swap providers and found plenty of info. Among the most popular LS1 swaps are the first-gen Camaros. If you've been reading CHP or following the latest LS1 trends, you've seen the cool LS1 '69 Camaro that Kevin King (President of Year One) has recently completed. This car served as a test and prototype vehicle to refine and develop a complete LS1 conversion package with the help of Brewer's Restoration and Performance (BRP). Now that the car is completed there are a multitude of parts available through Year One, BRP, and a growing list of others to enable you to >> make your own LS1 transformation in your own garage. With the growing LS1 interest, engine-swap parts for many more popular Chevy musclecars are emerging. BRP is currently building LS1 conversion parts for '64-'67 Novas and Chevelles and Monte Carlos up through the mid-'80s.

Whether you're looking for a complete LS1 installation package, LS1 motor mounts, or maybe just some computer-integration wiring, there is an easy solution to swapping an LS1 into your vintage musclecar.


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